3 Reasons Why You Need to Get Tattooed as a Senior


Tattoos are not for everyone, and that’s okay. However, you shouldn’t worry about whether you can pull it off or not. If you want one, that’s all that matters.

There is no such thing as being too old for tattoos; if anything, you have all the more reason to get tattooed in your old age. After all, who’s going to stop you? You have lived a long life, but you’re still living, and you should enjoy it and do what makes you happy!

Let us give you all the encouragement you need to finally visit that tattoo shop. Here are three good reasons you should get tattooed as a senior.

1. It’s About Time.

You must have always wanted a tattoo. Maybe you have dreamed of the day when you could finally sit in that leather chair and have a piece of art on your skin since you were sixteen. Did you want to ink in the name of a lover? Maybe your mom or dad? It’s never too late.

If you have been wrestling with the idea of getting a tattoo for a while now, it must be something you genuinely want. You should do it while you can, in celebration of the life you have. We’re always told that we can do whatever makes us happy so long as it doesn’t hurt others, but how often do we actually do it?

Remember that your body is your own, and you deserve to decorate it however you want. No one’s going to say anything, and even if they’re going to, just tell them to respect their elders.

2. There’s No Harm to Your Reputation.

Times have changed. While it might have been seriously taboo even to have just a tiny tattoo somewhere on your body back in the day, it’s not anymore. Tattoos are art. Getting a tattoo to express yourself or showcase something you love has always been cool, and more people agree nowadays.

You don’t have to worry about your boss or coworkers judging you for carrying permanent art on your body. If you have grandchildren, it will probably even earn you brownie points with them. It’s all about focusing on the positives rather than the negatives. As we said, tattoos aren’t for everyone, but it is now easier to revel in the joy of finally getting something you’ve wanted for so long, despite what a choice few might say.

3. Because You Can!

Naysayers will try to dissuade you from getting the ink of your dreams with horror stories of blurry tattoos, pain, and regret. But older skin is still just skin. And some artists specialize in tattooing older people.

There are also benefits to tattooing older people that you might not have realized. Because your skin has gone through the aging process, most likely, whatever tattoo you get won’t be stretched or warped in the long run.


The choice to get inked might seem like a hard choice, but we all know how one small thing can spark immense joy inside us. Do what you want while you have the chance, and don’t let anything stop you because you have earned the right to live life uninhibited.

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