4 Tips to Keep In Mind before Getting a Back Tattoo


For those who want a subtle yet sexy tattoo, getting one on the back would be a good idea. If you want a tattoo that occasionally shows, like when you hit the beach, wear a low-back dress, or take off your shirt, you will not regret having one.

For the first-timers, it is crucial to know the essential things before proceeding to a tattoo shop. Every experience and its pre- and post-care are different depending on which part of the body you plan to have tattooed.

Specifically for the back tattoos, here are the special reminders to note for a safe tattoo experience:

1.     Get Clearance From Your Doctor

Make sure that you are physically healthy and ready before you scout for tattoo places. If you have back or spine issues, you need to get clearance from your doctor first before proceeding with your tattoo appointment. You also cannot get a back tattoo if you are pregnant. Not following this general rule could make you end up with an infection that could harm your baby. If you do not want to risk your health in the process, acquire the go-signal from your doctor first.

2.     Remember That It Will Hurt

Compared to other parts of the body, the back can be a bit sensitive. A tattoo on the upper or lower back usually amounts to low to moderate pain. If you have thick skin, muscles, and fatty tissues on your back and you plan to get inked in areas away from the bones, the experience would be more tolerable. With that being said, note that the shoulder blade areas are the least painful area while the most sensitive ones are the area near the neck and the love handles.

3.     You Cannot Watch the Tattoo Process

If you are the type who wants to witness the whole process of tattooing, keep in mind that the back tattoo would prohibit you from doing that for obvious reasons. Therefore, you are also more likely to be surprised when and where your artist would apply the ink.

If that sounds like an inconvenience, it is the complete opposite for the artists. For tattoo artists, the back is the most accessible area to apply ink to just because the back skin is more relaxed and quickly absorbs ink, unlike the skin on the upper triceps, which requires a different treatment.

4.     Make the Necessary Preparations

Here are the dos and don’ts before your tattoo appointment:

  • Do decide on where you plan to place your tattoo.
  • Do eat before your appointment.
  • Do make sure that you are well hydrated.
  • If you do not want excessive bleeding, do not drink too much alcohol the night before. It is best not to drink for at least two days before your appointment.
  • Do not go to tanning beds and avoid sun exposure days before your appointment.
  • Do wear something loose that can easily be rolled up or completely removed. For women, wearing a buttoned shirt backward could help.


Wearing a tattoo on your back is already a grand statement in itself. The back is one of the best places to get a tattoo because it is wide, flat, and the broadest and fattest part of the body. If you work in a field that does not permit any visible tattoo or simply want to play low-key about it, a back tattoo would definitely work for you.

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