Choosing to get a tattoo is always a big decision, especially if this is your first time. While removing it is now a possibility, know that it will take lots of time and money to do and is something you don’t want to go through unnecessarily. Yet, mistakes still happen, whether you placed the tattoo in the wrong place or the design itself is not what you desired.

In this article, we will share with you five common tattoo mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not drawing out the tattoo first

Whatever it is you have in mind, always draw it out first. You never know how it’ll look like physically until you do so. Plus, it gives your tattoo artist a better idea of what you’re trying to capture. With their professional opinion, you and the artist will be able to come up with something that you’re happy with.

2. Opting for the wrong size

Sometimes, when your tattoo is too big, it dwarfs any other ones around it. Some other times, when it is too small, it loses out on detail. As you can see, one that is either too big or too small will not be appealing.

To avoid this problem from occurring, it is always recommended that you test with a tattoo stencil first. That way, you can know which size will fit you best.

3. Misplacing the tattoo on the body

Even if you have the best design in the world, all of that can easily be ruined by placing it on the wrong spot of your body. From the curve of your muscles to the visibility of the area, all these factors can affect the outcome of your tattoo. In other words, you need to take all of these into consideration. Otherwise, you’ll end up wishing you placed it somewhere else.

4. Going for a couple’s tattoo

If you’re lost in love, a couple’s tattoo might be something you’re super interested in having. Unfortunately, this is actually a mistake that many people make. If your relationship doesn’t last, what are you going to do with the face of that girl or guy you once loved?

If you want something that symbolizes your love, we highly recommend getting one in the design of a hobby you share with the person. For example, if you love playing computer games with your significant other, why not tattoo two console controllers? At least, if you break up, you can still wear it without too much of a problem.

5. Deciding in a hurry

While there are plenty of tattoo designs that might interest you, take your time to carefully decide what you like and how you can make it unique to yourself. Don’t spend an hour deciding what you want, and the next hour having it done already.

Take your time when coming up with your design. After all, it’s going to be there for the rest of your life, so it should be something you’re proud of.


We know that getting your tattoo done is always an exciting prospect. After all, you can’t wait to show off your new ink to your friends. That said, always keep what we’ve shared with you in mind. Failure to prevent any of them means that not only you ruin your tattoo, but your experience overall.

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