Answering Common Questions About Getting Eyelid Tattoos


Getting a tattoo in certain areas warrants lots of research and insight from other people. The eye area is a part of the body that can be rather sensitive, and we’re always advised to keep it protected. Microblading the brows is safe enough to do for the light-hearted, but how about cutting it a little bit closer?

Our eyelids are a significant part of the face, protecting our sense of sight and offering us comfort through some shut-eye. Getting an eyelid tattoo would be like giving your eye shields some flare, but what exactly does that whole ordeal entail? Here’s what you need to know when getting eyelid tattoos:  

What’s the Pain Level of an Eyelid Tattoo?

Pain levels are generally subjective to your own personal tolerance. With eyelid tattoos, it may be rather painful to have that specific part of the face tattooed. Some who’ve had experienced getting an eyelid tattoo say that it’s more unpleasant rather than hurtful.

The tattoo eyelids’ potential increase in pain is due to the major cranial nerves that are connected to that piece of skin. On top of that, the eyelid is right by the eyeballs and its cornea as well, which is susceptible to even the slightest irritation.

What’s the Process of Getting an Eyelid Tattoo?

Eyelids are much more delicate than other parts of the skin, and they tend to move quite a bit. As you’d expect, you’d need your eyelids closed for the process to proceed. Machines are often pushed to the side for some handpoking.

Modern methods and electronics aren’t used since the skin on an eyelid is much more delicate, thinner compared to the thighs or biceps. Getting an eyelid tattoo would entail hands-on and meticulous work where a tattoo artist will personally tend to the art there.

What Are the Possible Risks of an Eyelid Tattoo?

The risk associated with getting your eyelids tattooed is rather minimal. As long as you head to a tattoo shop with experienced artists that have a light hand when handpoking the tattoos, you should be in the clear of any potential infections. There are many aesthetic risks more than anything, so just remember to choose the eyelid tattoo design wisely.

What’s Recovery for an Eyelid Tattoo Like?

Eyelid tattoos require quite a bit of recovery time, especially since it is on a part of the face that is susceptible to different products and touching. Rubbing your eyelids is a definite no while healing. It’s also recommended to forego any soaps, moisturizers, and other skincare products with fragrance or alcohol. Refrain from sunscreen and makeup as well.

What’s Removal for an Eyelid Tattoo Like?

If you’ve ever contemplated eyelid tattoos, tattoo removal may have crossed your mind right after it. Most tattoo removals can involve heat lasers, and eyelid tattoos are no different. Lasers with low heat generation are used in place of the usual ones, though. This way, the tattoos will be gently removed instead. The eyelid is still a sensitive area that you need to care for, after all.


You might opt to have some permanent liner on, or perhaps you have a cool design that you’ve thought about getting for a while now. Having an eyelid tattoo done can be quite the process, but walking into your appointment fully informed will help you feel more comfortable.

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