Modern Tattoo Designs You'll Love

Modern Tattoo Designs You’ll Love

While some experienced ink lovers can expand their tattoo collections without a second thought, first-timers who have never set foot in a tattoo shop often have a more difficult time selecting a design. As ink-sporting individuals share the same goal of donning a piece for the long haul, choosing a […]

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Tattoo Aftercare - Wrapping Your Piece

Tattoo Aftercare – Wrapping Your Piece

You’ll know a freshly-inked individual from the crowd when you spot cling wrap around their still-dripping piece. Though the center of a heated discussion regarding whether or not to cover up your tattoo, some of the best tattoo artists will recommend it to keep your piece protected from external infections. […]

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Tattoo Stereotypes, Myths, and Curiosities – Busted

Despite the idea of a tattoo becoming more socially acceptable in otherwise clean-cut, white-collar industries, some rumors and stereotypes still remain. More often than not, they’re offensive but also totally laughable. Unlike how they’ve been depicted for years, tattoos can be incredibly freeing and empowering for those who get them. […]

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