Everything to Know About the Meaning of a Semicolon Tattoo


Despite the stigma behind them, Tattoos are becoming more and more socially acceptable as time passes by. As such, more and more people are also getting them. There are various designs to choose from, from a whole arm sleeve to something as tiny as a dot. One perfect example of this is the semicolon tattoo.

The semicolon in a sentence means that the sentence could have ended, but the writer continued to the following sentence. In short, it’s used to show that the writer has more to say. While it generally works the same for a semicolon tattoo, it also has different meanings. After all, art is subjective, and different people have different interpretations of the same thing.

In this article, we’ll detail the meaning of semicolon tattoos. Read on below to get started.

More about the Semicolon Tattoo

The idea of the semicolon tattoo was started by Project Semicolon, an organization that seeks to raise awareness about mental health and suicide. The semicolon tattoo represents a person’s life and how they choose to live it. It can also be a reminder for them to keep on living.

For many Project Semicolon members, the semicolon tattoo also symbolizes the ending of a sentence or even a chapter. It signifies that a person is choosing to continue, despite the struggles that they are facing.

The Possible Meanings of a Semicolon Tattoo

While the general idea behind a semicolon tattoo’s meaning is to raise awareness about mental health issues, it can also have other meanings. These include:

Commitment to Life

The semicolon tattoo is a symbol of commitment to life. For people struggling with their mental health, it can be a beacon of hope that they can go on living.


The semicolon tattoo shows a person’s hopefulness. It symbolizes that despite the struggles that they’re currently facing, they’re still going on, and they’re still fighting.

Willingness to Connect with Others

The semicolon tattoo shows that the person wearing it is willing to connect with others. They don’t want to go through the pain alone, so they’re coming out to talk about it with other people.


The semicolon tattoo shows bravery. After all, it takes a lot of guts to get a tattoo in the first place. On the other hand, getting one to help with the struggles that you’re facing is a whole other level of bravery.


The semicolon tattoo also symbolizes solidarity. It shows that you’re willing to support other people in their struggles as well.


The semicolon tattoo signifies understanding. It shows that the person wearing it is willing to listen to other people’s stories and understand their struggles.

Creation of Meaning

The semicolon tattoo shows that the person wearing it creates meaning for their life. They’re not just living a life for the sake of living, but they’re creating meaning for their life.

Should You Get One?

If you’re considering getting a semicolon tattoo, it’s crucial to think about what it means to you. A semicolon tattoo is not a symbol of suicide, but it can be used as a reminder to keep on fighting.

Still, it’s essential to ensure that you’re ready to go through with it. After all, tattoos are permanent, and they’re challenging to remove. Also, you should make sure that the tattoo artist is up to the task.

Additionally, just because you have it doesn’t mean you’re the one struggling. Sure, someone might see your tattoo and associate you with the movement, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It could be that you’re expressing solidarity with the movement or have it because you’re honoring someone you know who’s fighting or committed suicide.


Semicolon tattoos are a symbol of hope for those struggling with mental health. As such, it’s essential to think about the meaning behind it before you get it. When you have a semicolon tattoo, it’s not just about you because it’s about raising awareness about mental health issues.

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