Everything You Need to Know about Tattoo Touch-ups


Tattoos are artworks etched on the skin that express your individuality. While they may seem permanent, they can eventually fade over the years, even if you take excellent care of them. They can also have imperfections, like uneven shading, dull lines, or patchy colors, even when they are done by a reputable tattoo artist. When this happens, you need a tattoo touch-up. Learn more about it by using this article as your guide.

What Is a Tattoo Touch-Up?

Your tattoo is a permanent artwork that remains on your skin. Since its accurate details are essential to get your desired look, you need a touch-up to fix the problems. This process involves adding small details to correct the imperfections and make your tattoo look perfect.

Do I Still Need a Touch-Up Even If I Take Care of My Tattoo?

Even when your tattoo heals perfectly or you follow all instructions told by your tattoo artists, you will need to have your tattoo touched up after a specific time. This is because your skin continuously changes, causing the tattoo ink to fade. Fortunately, you can make your tattoo look new for a long time with a touch-up.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rates vary for tattoo touch-ups because every tattoo shop charges differently. For instance, some tattoo artists don’t charge extra for the service, but you may have to pay if you failed to follow their aftercare instructions carefully. Therefore, check with your tattoo artist first before going for a touch-up.

How Can I Tell When My Tattoo Needs to Be Touched Up?

Some wait for six months to one year before getting a touch-up, but the amount of time you have to wait for a touch-up depends on your tattoo size, the level of detail in its design, and your skin. But if you follow all the aftercare instructions properly and take excellent care of your new tattoo, then you may need to touch it up after several years. On the other hand, if it has already been decades since you got your tattoo, it surely needs a touch-up.

Some signs that tell you your tattoo needs to be touched-up are patchy colors and dull lines. If you’re unsure, you can consult your tattoo artist and have your tattoo inspected.

How Long Does It Take to Heal a Tattoo Touch-Up?

The healing time for tattoo touch-ups is two to four weeks. Your skin will undergo the same process of receiving ink through a needle. Since every skin is different, the healing time varies from one client to another. The healing time is also affected by your tattoo size and design—the smaller and simpler the tattoo, the faster the healing.

Does It Hurt?

Everyone has different pain tolerance, which means the level of pain varies depending on the client. It also depends on the placement of the tattoo. If it is located on your stomach, ribcage, or the insides of your thighs, expect a higher level of pain during touch-ups.


No one likes a faded or imperfect tattoo. If you’re no longer happy with how your tattoo looks, you can give it a new life by getting a touch-up. Keep the information above in mind and visit an experienced tattoo artist to get your desired look for your tattoo. If you’re looking for a trusted tattoo shop in Buffalo, then you’ve come to the right place. At Lucky DeVille, we offer state-of-the-art tattooing and use high-quality industry pigments. We also accept walk-ins. Head to our shop to get your dream tattoo!