Healing Your Hand and Finger Tattoos the Proper Way


These days, more and more people are getting tattoos on their hands and fingers, and it’s easy to see why: these tattoos are awesome. However, there are a few characteristics of hand and finger tattoos that demand a little additional care, whether you choose something big and colorful or a simple black and grey tattoo.

It’s important to know how to take care of your new tattoo on your hand or finger so that it heals properly and turns out looking great.

Why Is Aftercare Important on Hand and Finger Tattoos?

The aftercare of tattoos on the fingers and hands requires extra attention. Because you use your hands constantly throughout the day, they are particularly vulnerable to irritation, infection, and other bodily harm.

Some Hand and Fingers Tattoo Care Tips

It’s essential to understand how aftercare for a tattoo on your hand or finger could differ from that of a tattoo on another part of your body before having one. Here’s the lowdown on that information.

1. Get Your Tattoo

Finally, we’ve reached the enjoyable part! You meet with your artist to discuss your tattoo ideas and plans, and then you set up an appointment to get your ink done.

2. Bandage

Your tattoo artist will use a unique film that allows air to pass through it after your appointment to help prevent infection, infection-causing debris, and irritation.

3. Keep It Protected

If you want your tattoo to heal properly and quickly, the first 24 hours after getting it are critical. Because of this, you need to keep your tattoo wrapped and protected the first night. This prevents your bedding from rubbing, tugging, or clinging to your skin as it heals.

4. Regrouping

First thing in the morning, take off the original bandage and wash your tattoo. Put a fresh wrap on your tattoo once you’ve cleaned it and it’s dry.

5. Moisturize

Bandages can be taken off after three to four days. After you’ve cleaned your tattoo, you should start hydrating it using a tattoo balm. It’s recommended to use this thrice daily and more often if your skin is dry.

6. Long-Term Care

After your tattoo has healed (usually about two weeks), you should regularly apply lotion to keep your skin and tattoo in pristine condition.

Keeping Up with Maintenance

Taking care of your hand and finger tattoos will ensure that they continue to look great for as long as possible. It is essential to practice appropriate tattoo aftercare throughout the healing phase, but you should follow the following instructions long after your original session.

  • Avoid The Sunlight

Tattoos or no tattoos, skin damage from sun exposure is real. However, the light can damage tattoos, especially ones that are still healing, and cause them to fade prematurely.

  • Avoid Excessive Contact With External Objects

Avoid rubbing or pulling at a tattoo that is still healing since this might remove the ink and leave the skin vulnerable to infection and irritation.

Tattoos on the hands and fingers are particularly at risk of fading due to their constant, direct touch with various surfaces. As a result, it’s crucial to take all necessary precautions to lessen the danger.

  • Avoid Excessive Sweating

It may come as a surprise, but sweat can have an effect on the appearance of your tattoo as it heals. This is because ink that has not had enough time to fully set in the skin can be destroyed by excessive perspiration.

You should rest for a few days after getting a tattoo to allow the ink to fully heal.

  • Stay Hydrated

The mending process may be slower and less pleasant if your body isn’t functioning optimally.

Healing your tattoo properly includes hydrating it to maintain healthy skin, but this goes beyond simply applying a balm. Proper hydration has other benefits, including moisturized and robust skin.


No one can deny that tattoos on the hands and fingers are now trendy. These tattoos have the potential for great aesthetic value and the added benefit of allowing you to further personalize your body art, but they are not without their own set of risks and downsides.

Following the recommended aftercare steps is crucial to the success of your tattoo’s healing process and final appearance.

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