Still taboo among specific workplaces and family environments, a nose piercing is a big decision. Yet what anti-piercing individuals tend to forget is the fact that a nose stud is removable—and often quite fashionable! If you’re on the fence about a facial piercing, take a look at the following varieties and how they can give your style a facelift.

Types of Nose Piercings

Nose piercings aren’t limited to a single stud on one side of the nose. If “daring” suits your aesthetic, consider exploring these different piercings.

  1. High Nostril

Similar to a regular nose piercing, what sets this stud apart is the fact that it’s applied higher up the bridge of the nose. A less common alternative, this piece will get you to stand out of the crowd.

  1. Septum

In the middle of your nose is your septum—a piercing here will penetrate the space between your two nostrils. If you’re after the “bull ring” approach, a septum piercing is one way to go.

  1. Septum and Double-Nostril

To get your septum and both nostrils pierced at the same time, your artist will usually outfit the piercing with a barbell that punctures all three holes at once.

  1. Bridge

The nose bridge rests between your eyes towards the top part of the nose. Most artists will use a barbell to account for the large gap.

  1. Vertical Nose Tip

This piercing makes for a flamboyant choice. Built on the tip of the nose and facing vertically upwards, it’s equipped with a rhino piercing, which resembles a rhino horn.

Choosing a Piercing Style

When it comes to picking out a piercing type, it’ll often come down to preference. Regular and septum piercings are among the trendiest and least-disapproving to a displeased set of parents.

If you’re up for a bold choice, high nostrils and bridge piercings make for a unique option. True piercing aficionados prefer vertical nose tips and septum-double-nostril piercings.

If you’re already sporting other facial piercings, consider what might best complement your existing ones. If you’re feeling stumped, you can always ask a tattoo shop what they recommend. Some artists will suggest a piercing that suits your face shape and facial features.

Note that you can enhance the look of a single piercing with a hoop or barbell instead of a stud. If you’re opting for a piercing due to cultural reasons, consider how far you want to stray from tradition—will it be disrespectful or innovative?

How to Care for Your Nose Piercing

To avoid infection, start by turning the piercing slowly every time you lubricate it. Some artists may send you home with a specific lubricant. In contrast, others might advise you to remove the jewelry and clean it with alcohol or an antiseptic solution once fully healed. The jewelry you select may have an impact on your daily cleaning regimen.

Selecting a Jewelry Piece

Getting a nose piercing is a two-step process. Deciding on placement is the first step—selecting a jewelry type is the second. Most artists dress facial piercings with barbells, which isn’t usually the case for nose piercings.

Body jewelry comes in various widths and sizes. Purchase one that is too large, and you may irritate the wound. Purchase one that is too small, and your piercing may shrink. Avoid shopping for cheap jewelry as low-grade materials can put you at risk of infection.


In the end, the nose piercing you select is entirely up to your taste. Whether inspired by a cultural decision or ongoing fad, there are dozens of benefits that come with a nose piercing than there are drawbacks. For body art enthusiasts shopping for the best body piercing places in Buffalo, NY, give our award-winning tattooists a shot at Lucky Deville Tattoo Co! For the bold and creative, our shop is the place to be.

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