(In)visible Ink – Clever Places to Hide Your Tattoo


(In)visible Ink: Clever Places to Hide Your Tattoo

Though more widely accepted across increasingly progressive work environments, tattoos aren’t celebrated by all. Even a tattoo your mom will love may not bode so well with dad and whether to ink up a spot that can rest easy behind a lock of hair or long-sleeved blouse is entirely up to you. If you’re thinking about inking up a spot that doesn’t show off your piece, consider asking your Buffalo NY tattoo artist about the following placements.

  1. Back

Almost always concealed by clothing, one of the most popular spots to get a tattoo is on your back. That is, of course, if your family members aren’t regular beach-goers.

  1. Ribs

Similar to back pieces, the ribs are rarely seen, save for crop tops, in the shower, or by the shore.

  1. Stomach

If you’re not a lover of low-rise jeans, a stomach tattoo may be perfect for you. Easily covered up by a dress or long shirt, you’ll never have to worry about being caught red-handed (or red-inked).

  1. Hips

A sexy but subtle location for a tattoo, the hips are rarely seen under dresses, rompers, high-waist jeans, or long shirts.

  1. Inner Lip

The perfect spot for secret ink, lip tattoos are all the rage. However, limited space may mean a smaller tattoo—if you were itching for a larger piece, a lip tattoo may not be your thing.

  1. Upper Thigh

An odd choice for shorts-lovers, upper thigh tattoos can still be easily concealed by a pair of jeans or long skirt. If your family doesn’t tend to question your sudden change of fashion statement, the upper thigh offers a good deal of secrecy.

  1. Chest

An excellent canvas for large but hidden pieces, the chest is a go-to place for tattoo enthusiasts who want to keep their piece under wraps. Once again, you may want to avoid the beach!

  1. Below the Breast

Revealed only when unclothed or in a bikini, below the breast pieces are popular among women looking to get concealed ink.

  1. Buttocks

Unless you’re (butt) naked or in a swimsuit, the buttocks are among the easiest locations to conceal a tattoo.

  1. Foot

An interesting spot to place your tattoo, note that top footwork won’t be concealed by sandals, slippers, and heels. If you’re more of a sneakerhead, consider yourself lucky!

  1. Armpit

Certainly not a common placement for ink lovers, the armpit is still a great way to conceal your tattoo. Simply avoid strapless clothing or raising your hands in the air.

  1. Ankle

While you can show them off wearing a pair of sandals, you can easily hide an ankle tattoo with a pair of socks.

  1. Inner Arm

Seen only in sleeveless shirts or tube tops, inner arm pieces are an ideal location for tattoo-wearers who enjoy the option of easily hiding or showing off their pieces.

  1. Ear

If you’re keen on a simple piece and are already sporting longer locks, behind the ear is an excellent spot for a tattoo. Alternatively, you can hide your piece with a hairband or hat.

  1. Head

Though not as popular a location as the former placements listed, head tattoos are certainly a “thing.” If you’re interested in a subtle tattoo, consider getting it placed on your head.


If you’re nervous about being caught with a tattoo you aren’t supposed to have, these clever placements can keep you out of trouble—and your mother’s and boss’ wrath. Either way, they’ll make a statement to those who do see it and give those who can’t see it peace of mind.

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