Modern Tattoo Designs You’ll Love


While some experienced ink lovers can expand their tattoo collections without a second thought, first-timers who have never set foot in a tattoo shop often have a more difficult time selecting a design. As ink-sporting individuals share the same goal of donning a piece for the long haul, choosing a significant design is often the greatest factor to consider. If you’re at a loss for ideas, take a look at the following trends that may suit your fancy.

  1. Significant Dates

Serving as a prominent reminder of milestones that have occurred in your life, significant dates are a popular piece among tattooed individuals. Whether you’ve just gotten engaged, married, or had a child, subtle date designs don’t have to be traditionally grand.

They’re also serendipitously versatile in that they can be written in various styles, fonts, and characters—from Roman numerals to calligraphy and other graphics. For voracious astrology lovers, Zodiac symbols such as constellations or icons make for an excellent alternative to written dates.

  1. Portraits

Over the decades, portraits have made for significant tattoos as they remind wearers of someone they have loved or lost. Despite what you may associate with the design, portraits need not be detailed or hyper realistic. Nowadays, portraits are open to interpretation and incorporate various bold and graphic styles.

For a timeless piece, you can opt for a traditional black and white portrait or set your ink apart by incorporating color. Regardless of the style you pursue, it’s important to supply your artist with a reference photo to assist in the design process.

  1. Quotes and Lyrics

Whether you’re an audio or cinephile, everyone has a favorite quote, phrase, or lyric. If you have a handful, narrow them down to a list of three, rating them by significance—alternatively, you can choose to have all three inked! Similar to dates, quotes give you the freedom to select a font and style that best suits your aesthetic.

On the other hand, you might prefer to use a loved one’s signature as opposed to something they may have shared with you. Signatures make for interesting and abstract pieces that are unique to the wearer.

  1. Pop Culture Faves

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Whether yours is a childhood cartoon or 90s boyband, getting a reference to one of your pop culture favorites inked makes for an exciting and equally amusing experience. Keen on something slightly more symbolic and a little less obvious? The tattoo industry has advanced enough in terms of talent and style to render whatever it is your heart desires.

  1. Other Popular Trends

As time has passed, the need for a deeply significant tattoo has declined. First-timers often turn to platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to seek design inspiration. Otherwise, brainstorming ideas with your artist can also lead to a stroke of genius, especially when looking over their previous work or skimming a tattoo magazine.

If you’re an illustrator yourself, keep a notebook to sketch ideas at home or on the go—you never know when inspiration will hit.


The key to selecting a design that you’ll love for the years to follow is not to put too much pressure on your brainstorming process. If something appeals to you aesthetically, significance and meaning will follow.

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