Playing Around with Different Cartoon Tattoo Designs for the Inner Child in You


The joys of playing with toys and cartoons never grow old as long as you make an effort to keep them alive in your daily life. For thrill-seekers and fans of body art, why not commemorate your love for your go-to Saturday morning cartoons through a tattoo?

No matter what type of cartoon you enjoy, you can bet that there are some people out there who are excited to have it immortalized on their bodies forever. Below, we have compiled a list of fun and colorful cartoon designs to help you see just how diverse the world of animated tattoos can be.

Tip #1: Live Out Your Nostalgia by Tattooing the Heavy Hitters of Cartoon Programs: Icons from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

When it comes to iconic cartoon programs from yesteryear, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network had to be the heavy hitters when it comes to the creation of long-lasting cartoon characters. Their shows have been a part of a lot of people’s lives for many years, and a big reason for their success is because their characters are full of so much heart.

The 1990s gave birth to some of the best cartoons of all time. From the lovable classics of “The Powerpuff Girls” to the offbeat humor of “Ed, Edd, and Eddy,” there is something for everyone.

Tip #2: Go Classic with Disney Cartoons

The world of Disney is one filled with a lot of magic and heart, and a lot of people have very fond memories of some of the characters from their timeless classics.

Whether you’re trying to capture the old-world charm of Disney princesses or the cute yet chancy adventures of Chip n’ Dale, Disney characters make a great choice when you’re trying to connect with your own sense of nostalgia.

Tip #3: Come Along with Adventure Time and Friends

Thanks to its elaborate plot lines, quirky humor, and fun characters, “Adventure Time” has gathered a massive cult following during the past few years. Inspired by video games, cartoons from the past, and contemporary art, the show has earned several awards for its success in the field of animation.

Finn and Jake are the main protagonists, but a lot of the show’s focus is on their other friends like Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, and Marceline the Vampire Queen. If you’re ready to live out your sense of adventure, then an Adventure Time tattoo may be for you.

Tip #4: Break Boundaries and Turn Heads with Iconic Anime Characters

If you love animation and have a passion for Japanese culture, then it’s about time that you expand your horizons and jump into the world of anime. From the dystopian elements of Akira to the kaleidoscopic transformations of schoolgirl heroine Sailor Moon, there is something for everyone who is looking for something unique.

Anime tattoos allow you to bring a little bit of Japan into your world, and thankfully, the styles and designs are as diverse as the stories behind each and every anime character.

The Bottom Line: The Wonderful Art of Cartoon Tattoo Designs

They say that you get the best movie moments from your favorite films not through your eyes, but through your heart. The same goes for your favorite cartoons. You feel the most resonance not when you are watching the show, but when you are trying to remember that magical moment when you first saw the show and got hooked.

If you’re on the hunt for something that is playful, colorful, and not afraid to break out of the mold, then you should definitely consider going with a cartoon tattoo. The best part is that you can bring your love of cartoons into your daily life through the art of ink, and it will never be out of style.

So if you’re ready to break out of your shell and look for a new way to add some excitement to your life, then be sure to check out the various design ideas we have provided for you, and find something that will truly capture your unique personality.

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