Quick Guide on How to Take Care of Your Peeling Tattoo


When you just received a tattoo, you have to know that there are steps to its healing. This process of renewing your epidermis is known as tattoo peeling.

See, the top and middle layers of your skin are ripped away while receiving a tattoo, generating a shock factor within your skin cells. After the tattoo is engraved, peeling normally begins five to six days later. The natural peeling of tattooed skin is a part of the healing process, so don’t be concerned.

When your skin cells repair, you may notice some swelling for the first several days. After one week, new skin cells will push to the surface of your skin, causing your old dead skin cells to flake away.

When you notice your tattoo starts to peel off, here are important points you should keep in mind:

Make Sure the Tattooed Area Is Always Clean

To care for your peeling tattoo, the most important thing you can do is keep the tattooed area clean because it will hasten the healing process. All you have to do is wash it with mild, antibacterial soap at least twice a day. Gently clean your tattoo and be sure not to rub it too much while it’s still sensitive.

To prevent the tattoo from scabbing off, don’t apply force. Instead, wash, clean, and rinse the area gently. After you’ve finished cleaning it, gently pat it dry using a paper towel.

Moisturize Your Tattooed Skin to Speed Up Healing

After you’ve cleaned your tattoo, it’s time to moisturize it. Moisturizing a peeling tattoo is helpful in speeding up the healing process and a great way to nourish your skin. It even relieves the itchy, uncomfortable feeling that comes with peeling skin.

Keeping your tattoo moisturized will also make it appear more bright and sharp.

Allow the Peel to Naturally Fall Off

A peeling tattoo is undeniably unattractive. But it doesn’t imply you’ll start peeling your skin to get rid of the flakes. Allowing the peel to naturally slip off the skin is the best option.

Don’t be concerned about the flakes that are falling off your skin since they’ll all fall off eventually.

Use High-Quality Lotions to Keep Your Skin Moisturized

You’ve already spent a significant amount of money on your tattoo, so make sure you also invest in high-quality moisturizing lotions.

In taking excellent care of your tattoo, investing in proper aftercare items is an important element of a good care routine. Spend your money on moderate, chemical-free lotions and soaps to have a healthy and vivid tattoo.


Remember that you need to be patient when you have a peeling tattoo. The peeling process takes around a week for a small tattoo and about two to three weeks for a larger tattoo.

The time it takes for a tattoo to peel is usually determined by the size, shape, placement, color, and amount of ink put into that tattoo. A tattoo can peel off in as little as five to six days in some cases, but it can take up to a week or two in others.

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