Tattoo Removal or Tattoo Cover Up – 6 Things You Should Know


If you want to get rid of a tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective solution.

Are you thinking of going for a laser tattoo removal? Or should you consider a tattoo cover-up instead? Here’s what you should know—and where can you find a Buffalo, NY, tattoo shop.

It’s A Tedious Process

Tattoo removal is effective, but it isn’t a magic eraser that instantly vaporizes undesired ink. The procedure is based on your body’s ability to rid itself of ink. Your body heals from the treatment between sessions and breaks down as much tattoo pigment as possible.

To allow for these procedures, sessions are spaced at least six weeks apart (eight weeks for darker complexions). For the best outcomes, many clinicians recommend waiting three months between treatments.

Because a rest period is required between sessions and most patients require numerous sessions to reach their goals, total tattoo removal can take two years. It’s crucial to plan early if you want your tattoo removed before an important event, such as a wedding or joining the military.

It’s Difficult To Estimate How Many Sessions You’ll Require

When you visit a laser tattoo removal clinic, the specialist will only estimate the number of sessions needed. Remember that this is merely a prediction and not a promise. The amount of sessions required is unique to each person and their tattoo, and there are many factors to consider.

The Kirby-Desai scale is a popular technique for determining how many laser treatments a tattoo will require to be removed. The scale, which was first published in 2009, assigns numerical values to six parameters:

  • Ink color(s)
  • Amount of ink
  • Any scarring or tissue change
  • Layering (if the tattoo is a cover-up)
  • Patient’s skin type
  • Tattoo location

Each parameter’s score is summed together to yield a total score that shows the approximate number of sessions required for successful tattoo removal.

It’s Not Pleasant, But It’s Tolerable

Understandably, everyone is! Worried about the pain of laser tattoo removal, Some people compare the sensation to having the tattoo in the first place. Some claim it’s even worse. Many people say it hurts less than they anticipated. The anguish that each patient goes through is unique.

Fortunately, the majority of patients think the discomfort is bearable. If you’re concerned about sensitivity, speak with your practitioner ahead of time.

Every Patient Does Not Have The Same Cost

The cost of laser tattoo removal is determined by the number of sessions required and the level of discomfort experienced. The tattoo removal cost is decided on the tattoo’s size and the projected number of sessions required based on your Kirby-Desai score. During your consultation, your provider will check your tattoo and estimate the cost of your treatment plan.

It Is Critical To Adhere To The Pre-Treatment Protocol

The sun and laser tattoo removal don’t mix. When exposed too much to the sun, your skin produces more of its natural pigment (melanin), resulting in a tan.

Even if you don’t burn, this affects your skin, making it more vulnerable to side effects during laser tattoo removal. A tan can make it more difficult for the laser energy to “detect” the tattoo ink in your skin, increasing the chance of pigmentation changes following the treatment.

Start applying zinc oxide sunscreen over your tattoo as soon as you want it removed. Remember that natural sunshine isn’t the only source of pigmentation; tanning beds and even fake tans contribute to your skin’s pigmentation. Before a laser tattoo removal procedure, avoid all sorts of tanning for at least six weeks.

It May Is Preferable To Fade Rather Than Completely Remove

We don’t have to remove all of your ink just because we can. Some people want their tattoos completely removed, while others only want them faded enough for a cover-up tattoo in Buffalo to be placed over them. It takes two to three sessions to provide a better canvas for your tattoo artist to work on.

Are you only tired of one aspect of your work? We can also work with that. We can delete part of a larger piece while leaving the rest intact using a selective removal approach.


Patients frequently seek this service to “clean up” an area where the artist made a mistake or remove an ex’s name from a design they adore.

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