The Beauty of Tattoos – What Happens When You Lose Weight


Getting inked is a thrilling experience for many, one that can hold different meanings—an act of rebellion, a rite of passage, and a way to pen down memories worth cherishing forever. Tattoos are a perennial symbol that acts like a promise people want to keep for years to come, but the beauty of the ink can also distort down the line due to certain factors.

One of the most common situations that can ruin the look of a tattoo is weight loss. While finding the motivation and determination to reach your fitness goals is a healthy choice, it’s worth knowing that it can also impact your tattoos in more ways than one.

What Happens to Your Tattoos When You Lose Weight?

Seeing as the skin is the largest organ of the body that can shrink and stretch, it’s safe to say that tattoos have a certain degree of flexibility. However, tattoos can only maintain their picture-perfect form when your skin reduces or expands in small increments. Depending on the location of the tattoo, it can shift dramatically once you lose weight fast, especially when they’re on fattier areas like the belly, upper arms, or upper thighs.

The speed of your weight loss is the biggest factor that can make or mar the look of your tattoo. When your weight loss journey is gradual, the changes to your tattoo’s finish won’t be as obvious aside from minor stretching, fading, or blurriness.

However, losing weight fast may sound like a dream for many, but it can cause tattoos to look saggy. Some extreme cases can even cover small tattoos entirely, particularly when it’s on loose skin that has been recently tightened.

Minimizing the Impact of Losing Weight on Your Tattoos

The good news is that you can reduce the distortion of your tattoos by keeping track of your weight loss. Letting yourself lose weight slowly allows the skin to shrink at a pace that your tattoo can keep up with, resulting in reaching your goals while keeping the unwanted changes to your ink as minimal as possible.

Keeping your skin well-hydrated by meeting your daily water intake or applying moisturizer can also help maintain your skin’s elasticity. So long as it remains supple and smooth, your skin can adjust to your weight loss without sagging as much along your journey, allowing you to preserve your tattoo by the end of your routine.

The Bottom Line: How Your Tattoos Change Depending on Your Weight

You shouldn’t let the fear of fading your tattoo prevent you from losing weight, especially when you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. By keeping your regimen steady, you can reach your fitness goals without compromising your tattoos. But if your tattoos still lose their charm after your regimen, there are easy fixes that can bring your ink back to its former glory—from filler tattoos, touch-ups from your tattoo artist, or color rejuvenations.

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