Tattoos can take a while to heal, and it usually takes about two to three weeks for our skin to fully recover from the procedure, often ending up with brightly colored results. For the most part, you can get by with the proper advice of your tattoo artists, doing all the skincare routines that they will tell you to prevent your skin art from getting infected.

These tips aren’t difficult to follow, so you will track them and achieve a safe healing process close to the end of a month. However, just because it has fully recovered doesn’t mean that you should stop caring for it.

Healed tattoos still require a certain amount of care, and even that task isn’t hard at all, much so that you can even use cocoa butter on your ink.

The Wonders of Cocoa Butter

We often associate cocoa butter with other raw ingredients, and that is entirely understandable. If our countless baking and cooking sessions taught us anything, it’s that cocoa butter will never cease to be delicious, no matter the food or pastry you are trying to come up with.

It also offers a couple of benefits when it comes to our skin. As with other products manufactured from organic materials, it usually provides the needed components to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Cocoa butter is no different from this, and it helps with the full recovery of our tattoos.

If you’re still not convinced, the following benefits may change your mind:

  1. It Minimizes Itching

Even after it has healed, our tattoos still tend to itch over time. Luckily, cocoa butter moisturizes our skin, much so that it will lessen the itch after every application.

Of course, you still have to coordinate with your tattoo artist and a skin specialist to know the proper amount to apply. Just make sure to be consistent with this makeshift cream so that you can come up with a regular schedule in using it.

  • It Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

We’ve mentioned before how cocoa butter moisturizes our skin to decrease its itching, but did you know that it also serves as a hydrating agent towards your healed tattoos?

Scabbing and peeling epidermis often occur during the healing process, so it would only be appropriate to regenerate it once it has finally healed. By hydrating your skin art, you will be able to maintain its outer layer and help in its full recovery after some time.

  • It Keeps Your Skin Soft

Now, don’t be confused; skin arts tend to be more complicated than your uninked skin, of course. However, cocoa butter will at least maintain a bit of its suppleness after regularly applying it. It isn’t an immediate skincare technique but rather an alternative that is safe enough to be tried by tattoo enthusiasts who can’t afford all those expensive methods.


Cocoa butter may seem like a random solution to apply on your healed tattoo, but it doesn’t mean that it does not present any advantages towards its complete recovery.

Healed tattoos remain healed because people care for them continuously. If they cannot afford those expensive skin care products, this method is way affordable and efficient. By the way that it deals with skin itchiness, moisture, and suppleness, no other solution may even come close to its incredible benefits. If you’re looking for a tattoo shop near you willing to bring your planned skin art to life, Lucky DeVille has you covered. We specialize in state-of-the-art tattooing, including full-color, black and grayscale, and photorealistic portrait work. Call or visit us today in Buffalo, NY, for the finest body art tattoo experience!

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