Things to Avoid Doing When Caring for a Peeling Tattoo


You may have observed that the skin around the ink flakes and peels off as the ink heals, whether this is your first tattoo or a subsequent one.

Seeing pigment slip away from its position on your skin permanently might be unsettling. However, Peeling tattoos are not only typical but also a sign that your new ink is healing properly.

Keep in mind that don’ts are just as crucial as dos when it comes to taking care of a peeling tattoo. Therefore, don’t underestimate them. Continue reading to find useful tips.

Be Patient and Take Your Time

Skin that is prickly, peeling, or flaking is a psychological condition. Everyone has experienced the impulse to prick their wounds while they are still healing. But you must refrain from doing this if you want your tattoo to heal more quickly.

You shouldn’t peel your healed tattoo since you don’t want it to look unsightly after going through so much pain.

Unsettled ink could come out if you pull on your peeling skin, which could lead to scarring, patchiness, and, in some circumstances, tattoo distortion.

Let the peel naturally come off. It will take some time, and that’s okay. Don’t push the healing process; let your tattoo heal at its natural speed.

Avoid Shaving or Waxing Areas That Have Tattoos

This is self-evident. If you have a tattoo that is etched in an area that needs shaving or waxing, wait a few days before doing either.

First, allow your tattoo to heal. Applying a razor or hot wax to your freshly carved wound serves no purpose. A healed tattoo can suffer permanent skin damage if you use a razor or hot wax on it.

Avoid Taking Long Baths or Letting Your Skin Perspire

A tattoo may suffer if you take an excessively long bath or allow your skin to perspire. Therefore, refraining from swimming, water sports, or strenuous exercise for a few days after obtaining a tattoo is advised.

Too much perspiration can cause ink from a tattoo that is still healing to bleed into it, giving it an unsightly appearance. While drinking too much water can contaminate your tattoo.

Don’t Be Concerned about Tattoo Discoloration While It Heals

You may notice that the tattoo’s color looks different than it did when you left the shop at any point during the peeling process, but especially when it gets close to being finished. Do not worry; this is very normal.

It may appear dull and hazy due to the dead skin layer covering your tattoo, but it is actually rather clear. But once the skin has fully recovered, it will revert to normal in a month or two.

The process of regenerating new skin takes time, so give your tattoo enough time to heal naturally.

Avoid Being in the Sun

Protecting your healing tattoo from harmful UV rays is the best thing you can do for it. Naturally, the majority of people aren’t in a position to do that. Cover your tattooed skin with sunblock and a fresh cloth in this situation.

After obtaining a tattoo, avoiding the sun for the first two weeks is advisable. Wear high-quality sunscreen lotion and cover it with a cloth if you must go outside.

Wear sunscreen and avoid exposing your tattoo to the sun’s rays, even if it has fully healed.


The nicest thing about tattoo aftercare is that it consists of a straightforward procedure that must be performed exactly as directed each day until the ink has healed.

It can seem like there’s a lot to keep in mind, but as long as you wash your tattoo and give it time to heal, everything will go according to plan.

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