Top Reasons Why Couples Love to Get Matching Tattoos


Many couples are all heart-eyes as they enter a tattoo shop together and leave with a matching couple tattoo. However, some return separately to have their tattoos covered up or erased because they are no longer together. It’s really a sad reality: tattoos are permanent, but many relationships are not meant to stay forever.

A tattoo is an expression of art, feelings, and culture. As the world continues to evolve, tattoo designs have also represented all sorts of meanings, from family ties and heritage to novelty and romance.

Tattoos are always interesting, and it’s extra interesting when couples start getting matching tattoos. So, why do couples do it? Here are the top reasons why:

It shares a sense of uniqueness

Yes, that’s right! The desire to be unique and special is one of the main motivators of getting a tattoo. It can be their exceptional way to celebrate or commemorate a special event, a relationship milestone, or anything that has made an impact on their lives. For a couple, it’s their way to have a “marker” of their valued relationship–in a unique way! Tattoos hold a meaningful meaning that even years can’t make them fade away.

A tattoo serves as more than just a powerful marker

Tattoos give meaning beyond the figures and lines that the tattoo shows. As a powerful marker, it can remind the couple to value and make their relationships even better. Feeling the pain together and having it “tattooed” in them is like having the love painted in their souls and hearts.

This is also why some are against the idea of having matching tattoos with a significant other, because some relationships don’t last, and that couple tattoo will be etched on your skin forever. Getting a tattoo is a commitment, much like entering and sustaining a relationship.

Getting a tattoo creates a significant impact on an individual

Some researchers found out that getting a tattoo has a significant impact on a person. For instance, individuals who get their first tattoo develop a more positive body image after. The same effect may also happen in relationships, especially for couples who get a matching tattoo together. They share the experience, and it makes them more intimate towards each other. It might be their first tattoo ever, and getting their first tattoo with their significant other is one memory that cannot be replaced.


Getting a tattoo is always a personal decision, and getting a couple tattoo is more than just a commitment to your skin. It’s a commitment to make the relationship last as long as the tattoo. Couples get matching tattoos for various reasons. Some get a couple tattoo to celebrate a relationship milestone or to have a shared experience with the other person. Other couples do it to have a permanent symbol of their love. Whatever reason you have for having couple tattoos, make sure you get it from a skilled and experienced tattoo artist, like Lucky Deville.

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