What You Should Know About Getting a Beauty Mark Tattoo


Beauty marks can make you look younger, older, or your age. If you have a beauty mark, it can make you feel pretty or sometimes not. Some were born with it while others are not. Regardless, it makes one look unique.

If you were not born with a beauty mark but want to have a distinctive mark on your body to feel and look different, the beauty mark tattoo is for you. Learn more about this service in this article.

What Is a Beauty Mark Tattoo?

There are two types of beauty mark tattoos: the permanent kind and the temporary kind.

The permanent beauty mark tattoo is placed on the skin using different techniques. Meanwhile, the temporary type is applied using body paints. This kind of beauty mark tattoo is usually placed on the face. Other temporary beauty mark tattoos are applied using water-soluble inks.

You can improve your face with a beauty spot tattoo on your cheek or chin. A pair of symmetrical beauty marks on your cheeks can add a little more character, just as a beauty mark on your chin can make your face look more oval. Some people use beauty spot tattoos to look like they have dimples.

You can even match your beauty mark tattoo to your hair color. If you’re interested in experimenting with hair color, you may want to get your beauty mark tattooed at the same time. The shape and size of the tattoo are up to you and your artist, but remember to keep it small to look natural.

Can a Natural Beauty Mark Disappear?

Natural beauty marks can fade away or disappear over time. You can keep your natural beauty mark or improve it with a tattoo to look more youthful.

Although your natural beauty mark can fade over time, it is permanent. A tattoo is permanent as well, though it can appear to fade as it heals. The color of a tattoo can also change depending on the pigment in your skin.

How Can You Improve Your Natural Beauty Mark?

You can improve the appearance of your natural beauty mark with a tattoo if it is not symmetrical or has faded over time. You can also add a beauty mark to cover an imperfection or scar.

A beauty mark tattoo can be any size and in any color. The most popular shape, color, and size of a tattoo are a beauty mark on your cheek or dimple on your chin. Your tattoo can be a small heart, star, flower, or pair of stars. Most women choose a tiny dot, such as a diamond or half-moon dot.

Why Do People Get Beauty Mark Tattoos?

Some people decide to get a tattoo because they want to improve a feature of their face. For instance, if you have a large or noticeable mole on the side of your nose, you can have it removed with laser surgery while using a tattoo to simulate the appearance of a mole. If you don’t want to get surgery, a tattoo can be a permanent solution to improving your face looks.

Different types of beauty marks can also improve your appearance. A beauty mark can add character to your face or cover up imperfection. Some people just like the added bonus a tattoo can bring to their face; it can give it more definition or just more definition that draws attention.

Is It Safe to Cover Beauty Marks With Tattoos?

Covering beauty marks with tattoos can be safe if you get it done by an experienced tattoo artist. The tattoo should be done in a clean environment and by a professional. You will have to have the tattoo healed at home, too, to ensure it is not infected.


A tattoo may be the best solution to cover a beauty mark, depending on the one you have and your desired look. You can also get a tattoo to cover up a skin condition like vitiligo. Basically, you can use tattoos to cover up anything.

The best way to cover your beauty mark with a tattoo is to look for a professional tattoo artist in your area. Let your artist know the size, shape, and color you want for your tattoo to cover your beauty mark.

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