Thankfully enough, the modern age has brought newfound respect and understanding of tattoo culture. Gone are the days when owning a tattoo was a dirty little secret. A 2015 Harris poll reveals that about one out of three (precisely 29 percent) Americans have a tattoo, with most people owning more than one.

Tattoos are becoming more and more commonplace, as society’s negative connotation of them is starting to die down. Owning some ink is a creative mode of expression by people as a statement of their personality and their way of life.

Knowing what’s behind the ink

The history of tattoos can be traced back to the sailors of Captain Cook, who returned in 1769 with the discovery of Polynesian women wearing tribal versions of tattoos on their bodies. On their return, they had marked symbols on their bodies, which became emblems to signify their status as mariners.

This form of ‘marking’ became popular with people from different walks of life, from criminals to nobility. In this article, we will share with you three things that a tattoo reveals about you as a person:

1. You’re extroverted

People who own a tattoo are most likely extroverted. Extroverted people are genuinely active and engaged during social interaction, meaning that they are friendly and full of energy when interacting with others. Jamie Campbell Bower of the Twilight series owns a rose, a skull, and a bird and expresses his creativity to complement his ink by practicing theater.

2. You’re adventurous

You fall into the same category opposite to thrill-seekers as people who seek experiences from different senses. An adventurer aims to live a non-conformist lifestyle while trying out novel experiences. Writer Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Big Magic, describes one of her friends who owns a lot of tattoos as being ‘free-spirited.’

Owning a few tattoos of her own, she connected with her friend on a peculiar level by stating that she too lives life in search of novel experiences but not in the traditional ways that we wouldn’t expect. Instead of hair-raising, adrenaline-building thrills, Gilbert sees herself as someone who seeks unique experiences that bring out her emotional, spiritual, and intellectual excitement.

3. You’re unique

A person’s need to distinguish themselves from others is a clear sign of their strong sense of individuality. Tattooed individuals typically have a more definite need to be unique. Owning some ink is a testament to their creative mode of self-expression, which can also be seen through the symbols that they choose to own. A tattoo is a way to express oneself by separating from the natural conventions of specific communities.


Finding your individuality is an essential part of discovering who you are or who you want to be as a person. Some people get tattoos to remind themselves of what their goals and beliefs are, while others get ink to represent an important symbol or reminder of events in their lives. Whichever the case, owning a tattoo lets them be unafraid to discover new heights of self-expression, which allows them to be the best version of themselves.

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