Our Guide To Choosing The Best Colors For Your Tattoos That Suit Your Undertone


Getting a tattoo is a form of commitment in itself as it permanently leaves a mark on you – literally! While other people can handle getting a tattoo on a whim, the majority and tattoo artists recommend that it’s a decision that requires careful consideration. Other than the meaning, one of the factors to take a closer look at is the design, particularly the color.

More and more tattoo artists and enthusiasts are embracing inked color in their skin as it adds a unique touch to tattoos. However, various pigments react differently depending on your undertone, so understanding what complements your natural overtone can help you choose a color that is worth keeping forever.

The Science Behind Your Undertone

When looking at your skin, the initial color you see describes the undertone, which usually includes porcelain, olive, caramel, brown, or black. When choosing the right tattoo color, it’s best to look skin deep, such as your undertone.

There are three undertones to consider: warm, cool, and neutral. Warm undertones encompass people with yellow, peachy, or golden complexions along with green-colored veins. Meanwhile, cool is the opposite as it refers to skin with a blueish, pink, or ruddy complexion and blue-colored veins.

Lastly, a neutral undertone has the best of both worlds as they have an even complexion and no distinct vein color. The amount of melanin you have also determined the intensity of your undertone, which sits in the middle layer of your skin called the dermis.

The Impact of Your Undertone with Tattoo Colors

The tattoo typically sits in the dermis and is covered by a layer of melanin. The undertone sits above the tattoo ink, which means that it will serve as a form of filter for the tattoo color. If you have cool undertones or small concentrations of melanin, the ink will show relatively well, but loud hues like vibrant blue or red will pop.

With that in mind, the guide below should expound on the recommended colors according to your undertone:

For Cool Undertones

As mentioned above, people with fair skin or blue undertones can sport practically all colors, though the only exception would be yellow. It will not translate correctly and look more like a scar, so it’s best to avoid yellow tones for your tattoo.

On the other hand, you can choose between red, white, orange, purple, and black for your tattoo color as these pigments will surely look bold against pale skin.

For Warm Undertones

If you want to add a pop of color to your sun-kissed, glowing skin, you can pull off darker colors even better than cooler undertones. Dark blue, green, red, purple, and black will complement your warm undertone. Still, it’s best to stick to colors that are also on the warmer scale as having higher concentrations of melanin can overpower lighter colors.

The Bottom Line

Before you permanently pen down a colorful tattoo design you have in mind, it’s best to understand your undertone and complexion as both factors can affect how well the inked colors will reflect on your skin.

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