3 Tips to Getting a Tattoo You’ll Love Forever – Our Guide


Tattoos last forever, that’s why choosing a design and color requires careful consideration – whether it’s inking your favorite memory, emotion, person, pets, and more. Unfortunately, half of the work of tattoo artists include covering up inked mistakes, but there are some instances where only laser removal is the answer.

Taking the time to choose a tattoo design that you’re sure to love for the rest of your life is critical, which is why most people with tattoos typically have deeper meanings instead of penning down symbols for the sake of aesthetics.

With that in mind, the tips and tricks below should guide you before you get inked:

Tip #1: Always Go to Professional Tattoo Artists

Going to a licensed tattoo artist is crucial as it affects your tattoo in more ways than one. Beyond offering reliable skills, professionals also have the proper approval and licensure from government agencies and health departments in your local area.

Without proper licenses, you run the risk of permanently inking a mistake that can lead to costly consequences – for your skin, money, and even health!

Tip #2: Research and Look at Design Portfolios of Professional Tattoo Artists

Before anything else, research is always the first step in the right direction when it comes to getting a tattoo. The same idea applies to rookies and seasoned tattoo artists alike, since having a visual reference can help you and the artist imagine how it would look like on your skin.

After finding a design that captures your taste, the next move to inking the perfect tattoo is to find a tattoo artist that can do the style you’re going for. Looking at their portfolio will clue you in on their experience, style, and also have a feel of their overall vibe.

Tip #3: Be Strategic About the Location

Where you place the tattoo on your body matters too, but more so if it resonates with your preferences. If you want a tattoo that you can easily show off and hide when the situation calls for it, going for areas that you can cover up in your daily outfits is right up your alley.

More than having control over who gets to see your tattoo, you also need to consider whether or not the location will compliment your body in the long run. Tattoos on the fingers, for instance, tend to fade quickly over time, so you may want to think twice before inking your fingertips.

The Bottom Line

Taking the time to think about the design and other considerations before going under the needle is vital, especially if you want to pen down an artwork that will look amazing on your skin for years to come.

Finding a trustworthy tattoo artist is part of the process, so be sure to open your mind and listen to their advice before you get inked.

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