A Quick Guide to Maintaining Nose Piercings


Piercings are intricate to deal with, most especially a nose piercing. It’s always a good idea to know exactly what you should practice when it comes to cleaning it. It’s an open wound, after all, one that needs good hygiene and a good measure of self-control. You’ll want to refrain from touching it, as who knows how many bacteria you may have gathered throughout the day? A daily nose cleaning routine speeds up the process of recovery, one that will keep infections away. To achieve this, here is a quick guide to properly maintaining nose piercings.

1 – Clean your nose piercing properly

To reduce the risk of contracting an infection, use a small amount of gentle and fragrance-free cleansers. Carefully clean the skin surrounding the piercing, as bacteria will likely have grown around it. The key is to prevent them from penetrating the wound. Never twist or move your new piercing either, as you’ll end up agitating your skin. To dry, gently dab it with a paper towel to remove any residue. After this, spray your piercing with a saline solution, which you can procure from your local drugstore.

2 – But never overclean it

While cleaning your nose piercing may seem straightforward, remember to always monitor your piercing’s reaction. Some products may end up irritating the wound no matter how gentle the product may claim to be, so it’s best to stick to a routine that works. Refrain from overcleaning as well, as too much of anything is never a good thing.

Remember to stay away from products with peroxide, alcohol, and even antibiotic cream. More often than not, these are too harsh for the skin. Cotton swabs and balls should also be avoided, as the fibers can snag the jewelry or get stuck in the actual wound.

2 – Be patient

According to experts, nose piercings need a few months to heal. While it may be tempting to keep spraying it with saline solution, only do so when you find the piercing dirty or oily. Constantly exposing it to moisture may slow the healing down, or worse, make it a breeding ground for infection. If you do find yourself dealing with an infection, contact your doctor immediately. Symptoms include bleeding, swelling, and even scarring. Left untreated, infections can lead to toxic shock syndrome or blood poisoning.

3 – Learn how to properly clean your nose accessories

While keeping your nose piercing hygiene in check is important, cleaning your nose jewelry should also be regarded with equal tenacity. Doing so will get rid of any dirt, oil, or debris stuck to the jewelry, which can be detrimental if ignored. You’ll be rinsing away potential infectious bacteria.

As you work around your piercing, remember to clean around and beneath the stud. Switching to other types of jewelry while healing is alright, but remember to disinfect the jewelry before and after use. This can be achieved through your regular saline solution, or simply just soap and water.

The Bottom Line

Because of how our bodies work, your nose piercing will be able to heal and maintain itself. It’s best to help it with regular cleanings, however, but remain wary of any complications. Infections and scarring are common with new nose piercings, but it can occur with healing pierces as well. Prioritize your hygiene at all times, and make sure to extend it to every piece of jewelry you use!

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