Nose Piercing 101_The Common Piercing Areas – What to Know


Nose piercing is slowly becoming one of the more popular types of modifications that people decide on getting. While once considered taboo, getting your nose pierced is now a great way to personalize your fashion.

Whether it’s for a simple dare, to be able to accessorize more or to simply personalize your look, it’s incredibly important to know what you’ll go through. With some planning and preparation, your nose piercing will be a much smoother process, avoiding any possibility for errors.

Nose Piercing Tips

Finding a reliable piercing place is quite easy, but some background knowledge can prepare you for what to expect when you enter. When you go into a piercing parlor, ensure you take note of these simple things to assure the best result for your piercing.

The Cleanliness

Sanitation is incredibly important—especially when it comes to body modification places. Apart from the general cleanliness of the area, take note of the attendants who will be handling your piercing. Make sure they are using clean gloves and clean materials, else, you might be risking your health with an infection.

The Method

Piercing guns are incredibly popular nowadays—it’s quick, simple, and won’t be as time-consuming as traditional methods. Regardless, try to avoid piercing guns as much as possible. Despite the amount of cleaning these implements go through, it’s manufacturing makes it quite difficult to clean, which can cause an infection if it goes awry.

The Mark

Ensure that person handling your piercing knows exactly where you want your piercing to be. Not only will this avoid any unnecessary pain, but they can advise you where best to position your piercing. Every nose has a different structure, which makes certain areas more viable for piercing than others.

The Aftercare

Piercing is not a one-and-done thing, after the process, there’s still aftercare to talk about. Ensure your piercing place dictates what you must be doing to care for your new piercing—else, it can close, or worse, get infected.

Common Nose Piercing Areas

As stated earlier, consult with your local piercing parlor before you proceed with piercing your nose. The specific location to work on can be more viable for certain nose types and more dangerous for others.

There are four common areas that are quite safe for a majority of nose types—these include the nostril, the high nostril, the septum, and the bridge. A majority of piercing places can handle these areas and can be done quite quickly with little room for risks.

The more complicated ones, on the other hand, include the septril, the vertical tip, and the nasallang. These types of piercings are incredibly complicated and can only be done by highly experienced nose piercers. Take note that not all nose types can handle such a piercing, so do some research before deciding on having one of these done.


Nose piercings are a great way to add a unique accessory to your body. Having one done is a quick and easy process, for as long as you know what you’re going through. With proper planning, you can avoid unnecessary pain and misplaced piercings, thus granting you the best body modification you can get for this year.

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