5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Second Tattoo


Tattoos let you express your unique self most creatively. Unlike clothes and hairstyles, these body art pieces can feel more of a significant display of who you are because they become a permanent part of you.

After getting one tattoo, you may be tempted to have another one. To determine if now is the right time to get your second tattoo, here are some questions you have to ask yourself and consider:

1: Has my first tattoo fully healed?

If you have a sudden urge to get another tattoo several weeks after having your first one, you have to wait until the first has fully healed. This way, you won’t have to be concerned about your second tattoo. You can also be more ready for a more elaborate design because you now understand your pain threshold and healing capacity.

2: Can I afford it?

Tattoos can be costly, depending on their size and complexity of the design. The more you add more beautiful pieces onto your skin, the more your savings can dwindle. Therefore, while investing in yourself is your priority, you need to make sure you can easily afford this new lifestyle.

3: Is your preferred tattoo artist available?

You may wish to explore various tattoo designs and head to a new tattoo shop for your second piece, but remember that a successful tattoo is not as common as you may think. If your initial tattoo experience was a good one and you are satisfied with the result, it makes sense to get your second tattoo with the same artist.

Your preferred tattoo artist may be booked solid for the next several weeks or months, but resist the urge to look for a new tattooist. It’s advisable to establish an ongoing relationship and form an unbreakable bond with a tattoo artist.

If your first tattoo experience wasn’t exactly what you expected, consider reaching out to another tattoo studio. Before getting the body art done, schedule a consultation to discuss your ideal design and ensure that your new art piece is what you have always wanted.

4: Am I okay with having the final tattoo design on my body?

You may have spent months or even years thinking about the design for your first tattoo, and that was probably one of the main reasons it was successful and why you want another. Before getting a new tattoo, ask yourself if you are satisfied with its design to avoid regretting having a relatively permanent body art on your skin.

5: Why is the reason why I want another tattoo?

Consider the reason why you want a second tattoo. Suppose you wish to enhance your physical appearance, establish your personal style, or cover up skin conditions. In that case, you should simply go for it and book a consultation with your tattoo artist as soon as possible!


Each tattoo can represent a special meaning and become a part of your story. Regardless of your driving force to get a second one, consider the questions listed above. After all, you are putting a permanent art piece on your body, so be careful and choose to make a well-informed decision. Ensure you reach out only to highly trained and experienced tattoo artists to ensure you are happy with your new tattoo.

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