Why People Choose to Get Tattoos – Positive Body Art


In this day and age, tattoos are viewed as a positive way to express oneself. They are a form of body art that can be used for the expression of artistic freedom and the self. However, they were not always perceived as positive works of art. This begs to question: are tattoos actually good or bad?

The answer to this question heavily depends on the reason behind why a person chooses to get a tattoo. To shed some light on this matter, we’ve compiled a quick background on why people get tattoos and its history.

Why People Choose to Get Tattoos: Positive Body Art

Wherever we go, we will be able to find a person who has a tattoo or two. This has become such a part of our culture that you may find yourself thinking about getting one of your own. However, you may be hesitant to get inked, and this is normal! After all, your tattoo will be permanent. You cannot just wash it off, should you change your mind later on.

Here are some facts about why people get tattoos to help you make your decision properly.

Why do people choose to get tattoos?

There are many reasons why people decide to get tattoos. The tattoos may be a symbol of a special milestone in the person’s life, or they may be wanting to commemorate a special date or a person who was close to them…Or they may have made a drunken decision to get one.

If you are trying to decide if getting a tattoo is the right thing for you, think of the reason why you want one. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo as a celebration of love, or to express your enthusiasm for something (like a book or movie fandom or a religious statement you want to make), by all means, get that ink! However, if you’re unsure how to answer why you want to get one, then maybe it’s best to sit on the decision and think about it a little more.

People’s Perception of Tattoos

You may be hesitant to get your tattoo because you may be afraid of how people perceive tattoos. In the past, tattoos were associated with people with a criminal history. However, in the present day, even the most respectable people have tattoos! Besides, you shouldn’t care what people think anyway. As long as you will feel good about yourself and if the tattoo will help you gain self-confidence, you don’t have to worry about what other people will say about you.

Why Some People Regret Getting a Tattoo

Another reason why people feel hesitant about getting inked is that they fear that they might regret it afterward. Truthfully, there are some people who have this problem. The people who drunkenly had a tattoo done may fall on the list of people who regret having their tattoos. However, if you have been placing thought into the design of the tattoo, where to put it, and other aspects of the tattoo, you will not likely regret getting one.


If you want to express yourself and feel like getting a symbol to celebrate that self-expression, getting a tattoo is a great idea! However, to ensure that you do not end up regretting your decision, it is important to find a skilled tattoo artist that has years of experience under their belt. This way, you will be able to be assured of quality. The design you choose will be brought to life if you are able to choose the right tattoo artist.

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