3 Industries That Still Frown On Tattoos in the Workplace


Although we’re challenging societal norms and practices, it’s important to keep in mind that some careers and tattoos still do not mix. It’s a reality still practiced today, for various reasons. Most of these reasons can be valid, but others can be a little less so. Still, however, it’s important to remain aware of the professions that remain strict about tattoo policies.

More often than not, you will be required to keep your tattoos covered at all times during work. In more strict workplaces, however, you’ll never get past the recruitment team—they simply won’t hire people with tattoos.

For a deeper dive into these professions, we’ve curated a list for you to ponder on. If you’re considering a career in any of the careers listed below, it may not be best to get a tattoo just yet:

1 – Education and teaching

If you’re looking to pursue a career in education, a visible tattoo may ruin your chances of ever landing a job in any school. Keep in mind that this industry can be rather sensitive in terms of policies, especially since you’ll be required to interact closely with students.

Simply put, you’re expected to be the perfect role model—and a tattoo could “ruin” the image. It’s deemed unprofessional, which is an expectation rooted deeply in the system. This practice, however, still varies. You may find a school more open to the unconventional, for instance, but expect to be thwarted in the industry should you choose to sport a tattoo.

2 – Finance and banking

The world of finance is filled with business people in suits, so it’s one that requires you to constantly don a smart and professional look. Based on societal standards, tattoos are unfortunately still deemed as unprofessional. A banker must maintain a crisp look, with unblemished skin to face clients properly.

Although a tattoo never impedes your function and capability to do your job well, having a tattoo is still highly discouraged. If you already have one, however, it’s best not to mention it—and never show it during work.

3 – Medicine

Much like teaching, the medical world is deemed a sensitive one. This is due to its nature of dealing and interacting with clients closely, which will be your patients. As a healthcare professional, you’re expected to make your patients feel comfortable and safe.

With unfair misconceptions surrounding tattoos, however, patients can easily feel uncomfortable. It’s vital to maintain a neat look—despite no policy prohibiting tattoos. It’s best to keep them hidden, or if you’re planning to, have them made in an area that can easily be covered.

A Slow But Necessary Change

Although jobs like those listed above still operate on obsolete rules regarding tattoos, various industries are now slowly relaxing their views regarding tattoos. This is thanks to a changing world, one that embraces self-expression. In time, the workplace will finally be home to lovers of tattoos—without the need to hide them under long sleeves and blazers. A workplace should never hinder you from pursuing what you’re passionate about, so consider pursuing a career that allows you to be your best self!

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