When people talk about getting a tattoo, having an animal print or design has always been a part of the conversation. No matter how young or old a tattoo enthusiast is, the idea of having any species that you find yourself attuned with inked on your body can seem appealing.

There’s also a lot of ways to be creative about it, from how heavy you want the ink to be to the color you choose to use. It also just makes for a really good conversation starter with somebody.

However, there are a couple of things to consider before finally getting a tattoo. It doesn’t pertain to whether you’re going to have the design tattooed or not. Instead, answer the why and how of getting an animal tattoo.

The Reason for Getting an Animal Tattoo

Some people don’t particularly like having a reason for getting tattoos, and that’s enough to have it inked. It’s not a bad sentiment, and there’s no need to disclose the reason behind the tattoo either. It’s definitely interesting to ponder over, though.

Animals are normally seen as somewhat of an equal, treating them as companions and fellow inhabitants of the world. A large majority of the population takes care of pets or has had some form of interaction with an animal at least once.

Those who want to get an animal tattoo are usually zoophilists that usually have a certain fondness or admiration for some species, hence the popularity for kings of the jungle-like lions and tigers. Others want to treasure their furry friends and use that as motivation to dedicate a tattoo design on their bodies for them.

The Meaning Behind Your Chosen Animal

Some legendary creatures like hydra serpents, dinosaurs, and dragons are generally held in high regard. However, even ordinary animals stand as symbols for a certain feeling or concept in many cultures across the world.

A great example of this is an owl, which was associated with Greek mythology and seen as a symbol of wisdom and silence. Meanwhile, koi fishes had symbolized duality, determination, and transformation of life in Japanese and Chinese culture.

People usually choose an animal for the tattoo before reading into it and the meaning. Others simply try to search up what kind of wildlife would symbolize something important to them. Either way can really work.

The Placement of Your Animal Tattoo

For any tattoo, it’s essential to be mindful of where you want your animal tattoo to be. Tattoo artists would suggest bigger scaled prints involving animals like an eagle, bear, and wolf to go on bigger surfaces like the chest, back, biceps, forearm, or thigh.

However, if you’ve gone for more of a minimalist design involving animals such as jellyfish, butterflies, or panda, and they’re on the smaller side, you could probably opt for the nape, by the wrist, or ankle. Just remember to take your pain tolerance into consideration when deciding.


Spontaneity and getting an animal tattoo in the spur of the moment can work too. No matter what animal you choose or style you go for, it can be nice to have some answers about what that living creature means to you and why you’re getting it.

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