Before You Ink, Get Some Tattoo Design Tips to Avoid Years of Regret


Getting a tattoo is often a milestone for many, one that marks the start of something new—be it your coming-of-age debut, a powerful emotion-driven experience to commemorate a special memory, or simply start embracing your body as a work of art. Tattoos will be there with you forever, but they can also leave you with years worth of regret if you don’t pen down the best design that reflects your vision.

The good news is that you can develop a unique, beautiful, and meaningful tattoo design with a little bit of effort. This post is all about how to design the best possible tattoo for you and use the process to learn how to get the most out of your next tattoo experience – be it your first, second, way-too-late-in-life tattoo, or a re-do on an old one.

Tattoo Design Tips from Professional Artists

Tip #1: Always Do Your Research Before Going Under the Needle

Many do not consider the process of tattoo design for a straightforward reason: they think of it as a single-day event – you go to the studio, the artist tells you what he wants to do, you drop your pants, get your skin inked, and then after a few hours, you’re done.

But in reality, the process of tattoo design is a very long and tedious one, often filled with lots of trial and error. From conception to completion, the act of creating a tattoo for any artist can take weeks or months of sketching, planning, and trial-and-error, before the actual inking starts. As a client, you can help this process by doing your homework before getting a tattoo.

First, you should gain the confidence to try exploring different styles. Try to do your research and understand all the different styles of tattoos to see which one would bring your ideas to life in the best possible way!

Tip #2: Be Thorough and Critical When Reviewing Tattoo Design Portfolios

Tattoo artists are artists, but they are also tattoo technicians – so before you go under their needle, make sure your artist is not only talented but also competent. Most of the artist’s portfolio is for sale, so it’s easy to find out how experienced they are or if they’re just starting out.

Take a look at portfolios of artists in your area to see their style and if they do custom work. If they do, check what their pricing is like. We highly recommend visiting their studios if possible, so you can see their working methods and talk to them in person – not just because it will help you get a sense of how comfortable you will be working with that person, but also because it will allow you to see their portfolio in person.

If you have a few artists in mind, ask them to do a consultation with you. This is a chance for you to ask questions about their style and working methods, and it’s also an opportunity for them to try to figure out what you want from a design standpoint.

Tip #3: Collect Tattoo Design References and Brainstorm with the Artist

After you’ve narrowed down your artist choices to those you want to meet up with, schedule a consultation with the artist. This is essential when you’re getting a body tattoo, and even more so if you’re getting a re-do of an old tattoo. Not only will you both have the opportunity to get to know each other, but also to discuss your idea.

Remember that you can expect your artist to get very busy once you get to the tattoo studio, so organize your meeting well in advance. Also, bring a sample of images with you to show what you like – ideally, the image should be of a tattoo design you particularly like, and not just a random photo of something you think is cool.

The Bottom Line: Live with a Tattoo Design You Can Love Forever

At the end of the day, the goal of tattoo design isn’t to come up with the best possible tattoo design but rather to come up with a tattoo that you can love forever. The best tattoo design is the one that reflects your vision, so take your time to figure out what that is. Most importantly, find an artist you are comfortable working with and open to communicating with you. Once you’re ready to get a tattoo, let us know, and we can help you get started with the process.

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