Tattoos are marvelous works of art. They are beautiful representations of stories and values that people can flaunt and stare at. But, in reality, they are wounds beautifully placed on one’s skin. If it is your first time getting a tattoo and you want to shower soon, know that you cannot do that easily. Your new tattoos are bandaged after for a reason.

Here are some facts that you should know about washing and cleaning a new tattoo.

The Right Way to Take a Shower After a Tattoo

  • Treat Your Tattoo Like How You Would an Open Wound

Don’t feel bad, but your tattoo should be treated as an open wound. Remember that it experienced trauma and needed time to recover.

That means that you will not be able to shower with your tattoo for at least two days or what your tattoo artist would recommend. You’re also not allowed to bathe or swim with your tattoo for at least two weeks.

The same rules apply to your artist’s instruction. Some artists require you to wait for three or four days before you can shower. Most importantly, you need to treat it with care.

  • Use Lukewarm Water When Cleaning It

Your tattoo will likely cause pain temporarily, so it is best to soothe it with warm water. Lukewarm water would be perfect—not too hot, and not cold. Hot water can damage your tattoo, so you should avoid it.

  • Use Your Hands When Washing the Area

Your tattoo is sensitive, so you should take a gentle approach to it. It would be best to use your hands to wash the area and not use the showerhead directly. Using anything rough like a sponge or a towel could also irritate your new tattoo.

  • Only Use Mild and Fragrance-Free Soaps

You should also never use any soaps or soaps that have perfumes in them. Your tattoo is sensitive, and these ingredients can irritate your tattoo while it is still healing. Avoid using anything alcoholic as well. Alcohol dries out your skin and leaves you more susceptible to infections.

  • Avoid Submerging Your Tattoo in Water Over Long Periods

Your tattoo is somewhat open and exposed to bacteria, so you need to prevent submerging it in water over long periods of time. Use a small bowl to clean the area instead, and dry it right away after showering or bathing.

  • Keep Your Shower Sessions Short

While it is tempting to keep your sessions in the shower long and relaxing, you should avoid doing so. Showering too much can irritate your tattoo.

You may think that hot showers will be great for your healing tattoo, but you should avoid this. Your shower temperatures should only be between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and never above 100 degrees.

That is because you are more susceptible to infections if you take a hot shower. Furthermore, you need to be cautious and avoid hot water to avoid getting sick.

Avoid the Sun

If you are the type that likes swimming and showers and baths, you should also avoid having your tattoo exposed to sunlight right after the healing process. UV rays can damage your tattoo, so you should give it a break.


The best time for you to shower would be two weeks, or what your tattoo artist would recommend. They will also give you recommendations on the proper way to care for your tattoo. Remember that all new tattoos are fragile, so you need to take care of them well. It also takes some time for your tattoo to heal, so you must wait. The best thing to do is not to rush the recovery process so that you can enjoy your new design later on.

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