Complete This Self-Interview Before You Get a Tattoo


Complete This Self-Interview Before You Get a Tattoo

You’ve decided—it’s time to brave the needle and get that much-awaited tattoo. Whether it’s your first or nth session, selecting a design is only half the battle. Beyond the notion of permanence is whether you’ll love showing off your piece in ten, twenty, or thirty years. Before you sashay through the doors of your favorite tattoo shop, ask yourself the following questions.

Question 1 – Why Do You Want This Design?

Not every stunning tattoo has a tale behind it, but if you’re compelled to get something permanently applied to a patch of skin on your body, it must be for a good reason. Never make impulse decisions or ones based on what others believe suits you best. Think about what you want.

Question 2 – Will You Still Enjoy This Design Later On?

In theory, you can get a tattoo removed, but why waste time and money doing so when you’re confident in your design? As a rule of thumb, think about whether you’ll still enjoy your tattoo a year, three years, and ten years from your appointment.

Question 3 – Are You Confident in Your Placement?

Where you ink your design can carry just as much weight as what you’re hitting the tattoo parlor for. Do you want to be able to hide your tattoo or display it without a care in the world? Will your employer be approving of it?

On top of who is seeing it, you’ll have to consider maintenance. If you’re looking into placement on your hands and fingers, soles of the feet, or lip, you’ll likely have to get an annual touch up to make up for fading.

Question 4 – How High is Your Pain Threshold?

Before you ask—yes, a tattoo hurts—every time. You don’t have to spend the entire session holding your breath if you can choose not to. If you consider your pain threshold low, you’ll want to avoid areas such as the ribs, hands, feet, knees, and elbows.

If you’re a tattoo rookie, select an area with a lot of fat, such as the thigh, calf, or outer arm.

Question 5 – Can You Keep Up with an Aftercare Routine?

Tattoo aftercare isn’t going to take over most of your day, but it isn’t a step that can be overlooked. Remember, within the first few weeks of application, a tattoo is essentially an open wound prone to infection.

Be prepared to adhere to your tattoo artist’s recommendations and note the things you can’t do after your session. Typically, this will involve avoiding the sea and sun, moisturizing the volatile area, and wearing the appropriate clothing.

Question 6 – Can You Trust Your Artist?

If you haven’t already received the reminder, we’ll be the first to reinforce it—a tattoo is permanent! You’ll want to work with someone reputable and with an extensive portfolio. Remember, you’re putting your trust in the hands of a stranger—you’ll at least want to know they can execute your vision. Don’t hesitate to interview a few prospects beforehand.


Deciding that a tattoo is right for you is only the first step towards your dream ink. Following that decision is what to get and where to place it. Conduct this handy interview whenever you decide it’s time for new ink—you don’t want to end up with a skin canvas you wish you weren’t wearing! Lucky Deville Tattoo Co is home to the best tattoo artists in Buffalo, who pride themselves on award-winning pieces clients love. Let them have a go at your skin canvas—we guarantee no regrets!