Office Ink: Tattoo Workplace Care Tips

Novice tattooists will mistakenly believe the work ends as soon as the ink-dipped needle stops churning. However, the healing process is a weeks-long venture that can quickly turn into a medical emergency if you’re baking under the sun without your trusted sunscreen.

At work, there is ample room for distraction. The hustle and bustle of office mania make it all too easy to forget about your brand-new ink, which can lead to infection, fading, and irritation. Keep your tattoo safe by keeping the following tips in mind—even when you can’t get your boss off your back.

The Risks of a Neglected Tattoo

You might falsely believe that ignoring a tattoo can’t be that bad. However, neglecting your aftercare routine can lead to the following consequences.

  1. Infection

A fresh tattoo is an open wound, which means it’s particularly susceptible to bacteria. If you work in the catering or healthcare industry, consider scheduling your appointment over the holidays or during paid time off.

  1. Fading

Beach bums and gym rats often fall victim to a faded tattoo. When in direct contact with the sun or sweating excessively, ink molecules on a brand-new tattoo become viscous. In layman’s terms, they melt.

While the sun isn’t going to remove your tattoo, it can do significant damage and distortion.

  1. Swelling and Irritation

The skin around your new tattoo will be more sensitive than it typically is for at least a few weeks. A session at the tattoo shop puts your skin through the wringer. Not to mention, it now carries foreign particles that weren’t there before.

Coming into contact with dirty surfaces, friction, or the elements can make a tattoo itchy, dry, and flaky.

How to Protect Your Tattoo at Work

Regardless of industry, you’ll want to pay special attention to your new ink so as not to put it at risk of disease. Keep your tattoo under wraps by:

  1. Using Saniderm

This breathable and flexible film can keep your tattoo safe from friction and infection. Wrap your piece snugly to allow enough oxygen and vapor to penetrate the skin while you go about your business.

Always correctly disinfect the area before wrapping it in Saniderm to avoid trapping dirty particles. Avoid leaving your wrap on for longer than your typical workday to keep sweat from accumulating.

  1. Covering Up Your Tattoo

Saniderm isn’t the only protective layer you can use on your new ink. Cover up your tattoo with loose clothing such as an oversized sweater or loose windbreaker. While it may be tempting to show off your piece to fascinated co-workers, you’re going to want to prevent excess rubbing—never leave home without a cardigan!

  1. Applying SPF

UV rays are the bane of a tattoo’s existence. Slather on sunscreen, even if you work in an indoor space. SPF reduces the occurrence of itching and irritation.

  1. Staying Hydrated

The skin under your tattoo was once plump and flesh—not anymore. Keep your skin moisturized by taking an insulated water bottle with you or packing a travel-sized tube of your favorite unscented, mild lotion.


Work requires focus, but so does your brand-new tattoo. If you consider yourself a busy-body, forgetting about your tattoo can lead to some devastating consequences. Always keep your skin protected and clean for a tattoo that will look as vibrant as it did the day you got it.

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