Ever Seen New Tattoos Covered With Plastic Wrap – Here’s Why


People get tattoos because of various reasons. It can sometimes reflect one’s personality, which lets them express themselves in a unique and artistic way. But it is notable how this is also regarded as a medical procedure that requires meticulous handling.

When applying a tattoo, the artist uses a needle to insert ink beneath one’s skin, and indeed, a person needs to take care of their new tattoo afterward to avoid infection or scarring.

You may have seen a new tattoo covered in Saran wrap and wonder why it’s necessary. There are several reasons behind it. Below, we have listed why tattoo artists cover a new tattoo with plastic wrap.

Wrapping a Tattoo

Tattoo artists include some aftercare in their process of doing tattoos.

First, they apply antibiotic ointment over the newly-etched tattoo to block any harmful elements like dust, dirt, and bacteria from making contact with the tattoo. Then, they will carefully wrap the tattoo in either plastic or saran wrap to secure it.

These steps give specific layers of protection for the client’s tattoo.

The Importance of Wrapping a Tattoo

Since tattooing is considered a medical procedure, you should treat your newly etched tattoo like an open wound that needs immediate care to prevent infection. This is similar to when you get a cut or bruise on your body, and you try to cover and disinfect it as quickly as possible.

The wrapping around the tattoo serves as protection as it heals, especially since the tattoo artist uses needles to apply it on your body, resulting in what feels like a fresh wound.

The most common wrap tattoo artists use is Saran wraps. It is convenient to use, and it comes in a transparent color, so it will be easier for the client to check the tattoo’s healing from time to time.

As mentioned, you must care for a newly-etched tattoo, and wrapping it can do that. It also comes with lots of other benefits.

Other Benefits of Wrapping a New Tattoo

Harmful elements like bacteria and germs are everywhere. A client can risk exposing their new tattoo to many things after the procedure, so the wrapping provides a good amount of protection from these unwanted infections.

Since the client will inevitably move around, the wrapping also gives defense from possible strikes due to physical activities that might hurt you.

Besides, you won’t have to worry about sleeping properly because the wrap will act as a barrier between the tattoo and your bedsheets. Other than that, as the tattoo heals, it will also stop the bleeding that may appear.

Of course, no person would want their tattoo to be ruined while it settles on your skin. The wrap helps protect the tattoo from whatever may rub on it, like clothing, which can deform its look.

When Is the Right Time to Remove the Wrap?

The amount of time you need to protect the newly-etched tattoo with a wrap varies.

It differs from what your tattoo artist will advise you and your situation. Some put it on for a few hours, while others let it stay until it gets removed naturally. It aids in absorbing excess fluid or ink from the tattoo, so it will also depend on what tattoo you will get.


Now you know the importance of covering new tattoos in plastic wrap. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo in the future, you will no longer wonder why this is an added step in the fascinating process of tattooing.

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