Tattoo 101 – Tattoo Designs for Every Bookworm


Books, as every reader can agree, are essential to life. They are places where you can go to encounter alternate realities, meet new “people,” or learn new lessons and stories. Because of this, it’s not surprising that people want tattoos inspired by their favorite literary pieces. After all,  books have the power to transform our lives.

There are so many famous books where you can draw inspiration for your own book-inspired tattoo. Check out these book-inspired tattoo designs that will make you want to go to the library (or the tattoo parlor!).

The Stacks of Books

If you like to read, it may be difficult to pick just one quote or character from a book to tattoo. This classic yet adorable book pile tattoo is perfect for you! Books make excellent tattoos because they are simple and symbolic. They can be set up in a stairwell or simply left open with a coffee cup. You should get it tattooed in the way that you read.

The Magical Harry Potter Symbols

We’re all familiar with it and enjoy it. Absolute Harry Potter fans will be tattooed with a character from one of the books. Harry Potter’s magical story, mishaps, and quest to save his friends and family are all universally relatable. While we all secretly await our Hogwarts acceptance letters, a Harry Potter-inspired tattoo appears to be the best compromise. A Harry Potter tattoo, whether it’s the Deathly Hallows symbol, the number 9 34, Harry’s scar and glasses, or the Marauder’s Map, is a timeless fashion statement. Draco Malfoy’s Draco Malfoy’s

The Alice in Wonderland Scenes and Characters

The beautiful adventurous story of Alice in Wonderland boasts wacky, vibrant land teeming with strange creatures and the famous Cheshire cat. This great tale has been known to put our imagination to work, which gives us every reason to honor its timelessness through inspired tattoos. From scenes and characters, such as Alice falling down the rabbit hole or the Mad Hatter, give Disney a run for their money through your own tattoo pieces.

The Lord of the Rings-Inspired Tattoos

If you’ve always wanted to get some Elvish skin, then we bet that you’re a huge LOTR ( Lord of the Rings) fan. The renowned J.R.R. Tolkien has definitely made a mark all over the world, and on people’s skin as well. A Lord of the Rings tattoo is a great way to show off your passion for this incredible literary piece that puts the fantasy genre on a whole new level.

The Famous Literary Quotes

If you adore a particular literary quote, don’t be afraid to get it tattooed on your body. It could be something motivational and inspiring, or a line that you feel best describes you and your dreams. The possibilities are endless!

If you don’t know where to start with this, our best bet for you is to check out some classics from Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe.


Everyone has read a book that affected them emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. When you combine your love of books and tattoos, you get book-inspired tattoos. Inspiration for book tattoos can come from any piece of writing you love. In light of this, personally design your next book-inspired tattoo with a quote or an image that you resonate with.

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