Post Tattoo Tips – How To Sleep With Your New Tattoo


Getting a tattoo is a thrilling experience. It’s not only a personal and intimate way to express yourself, but it’s also a matter of pride for many people. With that being said, tattoos have a way of boosting a person’s self-confidence — no wonder more and more people are getting inked!

Now that you finally have a tattoo, before you marvel at its beauty, it’s important to know the best way to help it heal properly. Besides applying aftercare ointment to help it heal, how you sleep matters a lot as well.

When you get inked by the best tattoo artist in town, they’ll always share the best tips to ensure your tattoo heals correctly. With that being said, we’ll share with you some artist-approved tips on how to sleep with your new tatt, cautiously and comfortably. Let’s take a look!

Tattoo Tip #1: Sleep Is Important; Take It Seriously

Sleep can definitely help heal wounds, and with that being said, you should underestimate the power of restful nights. Essentially, your fresh tattoo is a wound.

Besides the proper aftercare treatments, you also need proper sleep to promote its healing process. When you lack sleep, the healing process may take longer, so make sure you get 8 hours of deep sleep to help boost recovery.

Tattoo Tip #2: Avoid Sleeping on Your Fresh Tattoo

Probably one of the most critical and difficult tips on the list is to avoid sleeping on your fresh tattoo. When you sleep on your tattoo, you put unwanted pressure on the surface, triggering inflammation and tenderness in the area.

Ideally, you want to keep your tattoo as far away from any surface as much as possible so it can breathe. When you deprive your tattoo of oxygen and apply unwanted pressure, the healing time may experience some delay, putting your new tattoo at risk of getting infected.

Tattoo Tip #3: Only Use Clean Beddings

As mentioned earlier, your tattoo is an open wood. With that being said, exposing it to contaminants and bacteria can wreak havoc in the area. Because of this, you must sleep on freshly cleaned bed covers on the night you get your tattoo. Besides that, ensure that you change your beddings regularly until your tattoo is fully healed.

Tattoo Tip #4: Don’t Share Your Bed With Your Pets

Unfortunately, you’ll have to sleep alone for a couple of nights. This is because your furry loved ones are not only home to a myriad of microbes; they also enjoy licking and sniffing, which could potentially infect your tattoo.

Your dogs and cats have an impressive sense of smell. And with that being said, their curiosity switch will turn on once they get a whiff of seeping blood. They may end up licking the area, which is not healthy and safe for both of you. Because of this, it’s best to avoid sleeping with your cats and pups for a while until your tattoo is healed.

Tattoo Tip #5: Don’t Remove the Tattoo Bandage or Adhesive Wrap

A tattoo’s healing process can be incredibly challenging. Your tattoo can be tender during the first 24 hours, so it’s important that you don’t touch it and keep it protected with a tattoo bandage. Additionally, you may feel itchy sensations in the area as it heals. With that, it’s best to keep the bandage on in the first 24 hours to help the ink settle.

If you get inked by a credible tattoo artist, you’ll find that they’ll take meticulous care of your tattoo even after the session. For example, they’ll apply a specific tattoo bandage to ensure that it stays on for hours to help protect the area. Besides that, they’ll give you some aftercare cues, so make sure to keep those in mind as well!

The Bottom Line: Following Post-Tattoo Sleeping Tips Can Help Protect Your New Tatt

There’s no denying that the first 24 hours after getting your tattoo is important. That’s why it’s important to remember to apply all the aftercare techniques, get enough sleep, and follow our sleep tips to ensure your tattoo stays protected until it’s fully healed.

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