What to Expect When Getting Eyebrow Tattoos – Our Guide


It is no secret that most women are obsessed with having a perfect brow shape. Brows are one of the current beauty must-haves but having it done daily can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. If you are always on the go and have little time to draw that perfect arch, why not consider microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows. This technique will give you an effortless full brow without having to use eyebrow products and touch-ups. It reduces the hassle of applying makeup every day, and it also benefits women who have experienced hair loss problems.

If you are considering getting eyebrow tattoos, here are the things that you can expect:

1. It is not permanent

Although most tattoos are permanent, microblading does not have the same effect. Cosmetic tattooing is much more superficial to the skin, and the inks used are more degradable. It fades little by little over time because your immune system will digest the ink and eventually push out the pigment as well.

If you opt for this procedure, you will need a tattoo touch-up or a maintenance session every 4-5 months, depending on how dark you would like your brows to be.

2. Retention of ink depends on your skin type

Some skin types tend to reject the pigment, or worse, lead to pigment hydration. If you have very oily skin, you are more likely to experience this case because oily skin poses a higher risk. Pigment hydration results in a powder-filled brow look rather than distinct strokes because the pigment fans into each other, and the strokes sort of blend.

On top of that, microblading is not advisable for people who tend to scar or retain keloids very quickly. Before you have this procedure, it is best that you first discuss your skin condition with our tattoo artists to avoid any skin issues in the long run!

3. Most people require two sessions of microblading

Since people have different skin types, most of them require two sessions for a touch-up because there are skins that may push out a bit of ink, and in some places, the hair strokes won’t be as saturated as we want them to be. The first sessions are likely to have some imperfections, and after four weeks, you can come back for the second session for the brows that need to be filled in.

4. Microblading can take a few hours

For an intricate application, microblading usually takes a few hours to perfect. Keep in mind that tattoo artists do not just draw on your face – they consider your facial imbalances to give you the right eyebrow shape. The drawing is the most tedious part and the huge majority of the session, and there is aftercare to consider after you get your brows done.

5. Your eyebrows will not look identical

Indeed, your eyebrows will not look identical since people do not have equidistant eyes from the bridge of their nose, so your eyebrows’ starting point will be a little different from each other. This point is very important for you to know and understand so that you can have realistic expectations when getting tattooed brows. Moreover, the ocular cavities might be different since sometimes, it is a little bit more flat or rounded.


When getting an eyebrow tattoo, make sure that you are ready and prepared. Do your research and discuss with your tattoo artist what the best option for you is. You should also consider the things that you might experience and ensure that you are excited about the process!

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