Despite the idea of a tattoo becoming more socially acceptable in otherwise clean-cut, white-collar industries, some rumors and stereotypes still remain. More often than not, they’re offensive but also totally laughable. Unlike how they’ve been depicted for years, tattoos can be incredibly freeing and empowering for those who get them. Let’s take a look at some of the prejudices tattoo enthusiasts have faced—and debunk them!

  1. A tattooed individual is likely a criminal

Perhaps the most pressing rumor regarding tattooed individuals is that they were once criminals or at least have the potential to become one. Let’s be real—not everyone who walks into a tattoo shop comes out of it wanting to commit a crime.

The notion of expressing a lower sensitivity to pain or the ability to heal quickly often gets a bad rep in regards to tattoo aficionados. Bold tattoos can make powerful statements but don’t always indicate that someone is out to rebel against humanity.

  1. Having a tattoo makes you unhirable

While some industries can surely be more lenient towards tattooed individuals, having them doesn’t make you impossible to hire. Especially nowadays, reputable businesses are more on the lookout for skill and experience than whether or not you don any body art.

  1. Hair doesn’t grow back on tattooed areas

In order to properly apply a tattoo, your artist will most likely need to shave the area to avoid tugging. However, your follicles don’t get damaged during the process and will easily grow back the way it normally does.

  1. You can never wax a tattooed area

Tattoos take time to heal so subjecting the area to a wax job is never a good idea. As a general rule, wait for at least two weeks or for the tattoo to completely flake before getting a wax to avoid infection.

  1. Applying a light-colored tattoo hurts more than a dark-colored tattoo

Because light colors are applied at the end of the session when an area of skin is already inflamed, it can be easy to assume that they hurt more. Every tattoo pigment from the same brand is manufactured in exactly the same way but having to sit for hours can give you the illusion of lighter colors causing a greater sting.

Similarly, red colors don’t fade or cause allergic reactions the way they used to. If your tattoo fades over time, it’s likely that it wasn’t applied with a strong pigment or healed poorly during the recovery process.

  1. If you can draw, you can tattoo

While a hand at illustration will certainly help your ability to apply a tattoo, being able to do so doesn’t guarantee that you can handle the machinery seamlessly. Drawing on the skin is completely different from drawing on paper.

  1. Tattoos prevent you from undergoing MRI scans

Contrary to popular belief, tattoo ink doesn’t react to the waves emitted by an MRI scan. So no—your skin will not suddenly burst upon contact.

  1. You can ease the pain of getting a tattoo by drinking alcohol or taking an aspirin

There’s a reason tattoo artists never suggest getting a piece done under the influence. Other than likely regretting the experience, alcohol or aspirin can cause more bleeding during the process and complicate the healing process.


As society grows more progressive, tattoos are becoming an acceptable art form in or out of the office. If you’ve heard a ridiculous myth about one, it likely isn’t true!

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