The Most Popular Tattoo Trends That Made It Big in 2020


More difficult than deciding to embark on your first tattoo is deciding what design to get in the first place. Having to worry about placement, size, color, and what will be symbolic to you is another added stressor that can delay your session altogether.

If you thought having to deal with the pain was the hardest part, knowing what you want to be inked on your skin forever can sometimes be a much more daunting task. As such, here are a few trends we’ve witnessed in 2020 that might inspire your own design.

  1. Anything colorful

Black and white tattoos have always been trendy. But in 2020, colorful designs are trendier. While clean, dark lines will always be around, we’ve seen the rise of pastel colors, in particular, tattooed mostly on internet celebrities and Hollywood actors.

  1. Everyday objects

Long gone are the days that tattoos have to always mean something. In any case, aren’t objects that you encounter every day somewhat meaningful anyway? Nowadays, tattoo enthusiasts are getting anything from their favorite cup of coffee to a set of dice tattooed everywhere!

  1. Unique placements

As industries become more accepting of hiring employees who are heavily inked, more and more people are getting bright and visible tattoos. This is what has made “peekaboo designs” rise in popularity once again. These designs are placed on unique areas of the body such as behind the ear or along the collarbone.

  1. Minimalist black ink designs

Though the trend started years ago, minimalist black ink designs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Designs that sport only thin black lines, shapes, or simple outlines are making waves across millions of skin canvasses. These make for an interesting use of negative space and make several tattoos in the same style more cohesive.

  1. Blended styles

As tattoo shops all over the world are more prepared to commit to louder, more complex designs, the requests don’t stop at color. Clients are becoming bigger fans of mixing vintage, old school American traditional styles with more futuristic, geometric designs in order to come up with a piece that stands out.

  1. Grunge pieces

Similar to minimalist designs, grunge pieces have been around for years. Grunge tattoos insinuate anything from skeletons, flames, roses, and even cigarettes. Thing is, they’re also being incorporated into the color movement, which makes for far more interesting pieces.

  1. Korean-inspired pieces

As K-Dramas and K-Pop groups rise in popularity, so are Korean-style tattoos. Colorful in nature, these tattoos complement the color trend we’ve been seeing in the past few months.


From what we’ve witnessed in tattoo trends this year, an obvious standout is the use of color. If you’re considering getting your first, fifth, or tenth tattoo and can’t quite decide on a design, taking note of these trends can help give you a better idea.

Whatever design you choose, we at Lucky Deville Tattoo want to make sure you’re happy with the quality of your piece! Home to the best tattoo artists in Buffalo, NY, we can help you craft that winning piece you’ve been dying for.