The Surprising Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos – What to Know


Many people have second-doubts getting a tattoo because they are worried that it may risk their health and body. Some of their primary concerns are the safety standard of ink liquid and equipment used in shops, and the sanitation of the place. However, registered and recognized Buffalo-based tattoo shops are regularly inspected by the authorities to ensure health, safety, and sanitation standards.

With that said, it is not surprising to think that many people do not know that getting a tattoo can be beneficial. In fact, it has several unexpected health benefits.

Health Benefit #1: It can enhance your immune system

Believe it or not, getting several tattoos can enhance your immune system. Researchers had proven this claim with a study published in the American Journal of Human Biology that revealed the ability of tattooing in inoculating a person’s immune system. According to them, it can have less reduction in immunoglobulin A, and it can stimulate an immune response.

Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that helps the immune system and other parts of the body. Studies say that higher levels of such antibodies can ward off pathogens and common colds.

At your first attempt at getting a tattoo, your immune system will send antibodies to attack foreign invaders once the ink gets into your body. That is why you will experience swelling. Eventually, your body will heal as it begins to accept the presence of ink within it, making your immune system stronger through its effort in combating the ink.

Health Benefit #2: It helps reduce stress

The mentioned study also found out that multiple tattoos can reduce cortisol levels, improving the immune system even better. Cortisol is a stress hormone and an immune response suppressant. Your body naturally produces cortisol in an attempt to reduce pain. However, its effects aren’t always worth the benefit. On the other hand, tattooing can make your cortisol hormone response less active, which means reduced stress as there is less cortisol produced.w

According to the study, a high level of cortisol can also:

  • ease migraines or headaches
  • inhibit memory and learning
  • elevate blood pressure
  • increase weight gain

Health Benefits #3: It is a great help in athletics

Aside from reducing stress, reducing cortisol also has positive physical benefits, especially to those who train or workout regularly. Reduced cortisol can help repair your muscles faster, growing more muscles as a result. Many athletes, such as powerlifters and soccer players, are keeping their cortisol levels low by taking supplements and by wearing mouth guards to become stronger in their games.


Contrary to many beliefs, getting a tattoo isn’t always risky. As mentioned, it has several health benefits that everyone can get. It helps enhance your immune system by combating ink inserted in your body, reduce stress by promoting reduced cortisol levels, and help athletes become stronger by lowering their cortisol levels by taking supplements or using mouth guards.

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