Things to Consider When Getting a Foot or Ankle Tattoo


There’s a lot to consider when getting a foot or ankle tattoo. Indeed, they’re among the more complicated tattoos to get. While the end result will be worth the effort, this isn’t to say that getting a foot or ankle tattoo will be a walk in the park.

Ultimately, getting a foot or ankle tattoo will require a great deal of commitment. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of considerations when getting one.

1. Usual Footwear

For obvious reasons, you’re going to need to wear your usual footwear. When possible, wear the shoe you’ll be wearing most often to see how the tattoo will look. Try bringing other styles of footwear you have, like flip-flops and sandals, to see how they look. If you plan to work on the tattoo in stages, wear the shoe you’ll be working on first.

2. Tattoo Size

Before getting the tattoo, determine how big you want it to be. If you want the entire foot, ankle, or leg tattooed, this will mean getting more than one session in. Usually, tattoos no larger than a hand will be tattooed in one session. However, if you want a design that covers a lot more area, you’ll need to make an arrangement with the artist.

3. Tattoo Style

There’s a variety of designs that you can get for your foot or ankle tattoo. The style you choose will depend on your own personal preferences and what feels right for you. Again, discuss this with your artist to have a proper plan before the actual session and finalize your design.

4. Skin Health

Not all skin is the same, and this means that you need to protect your skin before getting the tattoo. As such, you need to avoid getting it done if you have dry, irritated, or damaged skin. If you have any cuts, scrapes, or sores near the area that you want tattooed, you might want to wait until they’re fully healed before getting your tattoo, as they could interfere with the healing.

5. Aftercare

After getting your tattoo, you need to care for it properly. This includes wearing loose clothing and long pants to avoid rubbing against it. You should also avoid going in a pool or the ocean for at least one week to let it heal completely. After a few days, you can start moisturizing the skin to ensure a smoother healing process.

6. Artist Skill and Experience

It goes without saying that you should get a tattoo from an experienced artist. The artist should also have a lot of skill to handle a foot or ankle tattoo. Ask to see previous work and see what your artist can bring to the table. It’s a big plus if they’ve done a tattoo in the area and style you’re going for.


Foot and ankle tattoos can be complicated to get, mostly because these areas experience a lot of mobility that could mess with the healing process. As such, you need to be certain that you’re ready to go through all the things that will be necessary to get the tattoo. This includes staying vigilant during the healing process and finding an experienced, talented, and reliable artist to get it done. With the right person on the job, and you’ll enjoy an aesthetically pleasing tattoo that you’ll have for the rest of your life.

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