Your Basic Guide For Getting a Tattoo Sleeve


A tattoo sleeve, at first glance, may look cool, tough, and complicated. All those adjectives are three of the best ways to describe this type of ink project. While some people have them in one go, others have them done in strategic patches by different artists, needles, hours, sessions, and caring routines.

Everyone wishes they could wear full-arm sleeves. Some may appreciate our no-nonsense demeanor. Others make aesthetic and emotional choices. If you’re serious, you should plan everything from idea to implementation and maintenance.

Read on to discover this basic guide for getting a tattoo sleeve.

Getting Started: “The First Tattoo”

If you want sleeves or a full-sleeved design, start at the shoulder. Continue down the arm. Tattoo artists prefer to start with a design that complements the body and then fill in the design. There is no need to guess where to position the remaining things if you start at one end. Instead, you fill the sleeve one at a time.

Mind the Flow

Avoid getting a huge tattoo or numerous tattoos in a single sitting. Time-consuming. Large tattoos might take days or weeks to complete. Maybe months, maybe years. Allow 3-4 weeks between appointments, and expect a sleeve to take 8-10.

If you want a full sleeve, create it first rather than starting with random tattoos. This is applicable to tribal and arbitrary tattoos.

Working with a blank canvas allows you to create a unified composition. When working with existing tattoos, make them as smooth as possible.

Meeting Your Artist Match

Look for a tattoo artist that specializes in the style you want. Instead of prices, this can be shopped for. There is no use in haggling because you will be wearing this forever.

Consult the artist about the design. Schedule an appointment and get started if the drawing is successful.

Indicate to the artist that you want a full sleeve, regardless of where you start. In order for it to be enlarged later. You should request flow for the best results.

The Aftercare Routine

Bandages should be left on for a few hours before being removed and antibacterial soap and water administered, as with any tattoo. After each shower for two days, apply Aquaphor after 10 minutes. Wash the tattoo twice a day until it stops peeling. A week is typical. Apply fragrance-free lotion as before.

Begin long-term care after exfoliation. Incorporate sunblock and lotion into your skincare routine. A well-executed and well-maintained tattoo should not need touch-ups for the rest of your life. The colors will fade and need to be touched up if you do not protect your skin from the sun and hydrate it on a daily basis. When wearing long sleeves or more, sunscreen and lotion are essential.

Evaluate the design again after three months. Repairs can be made here dependent on how well things heal.


Believe in your gut and your artist. Working with a brilliant, in-demand artist will cause the release of a sleeve to be delayed, but it pays to be patient. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, make sure you stick to a good tattoo aftercare routine.

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