Tattoos Starting to Fade – It Might Be Time For Touch-Up


Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and show your personality. They can be a great addition to your appearance but require some upkeep. Tattoos will fade over time and will eventually need to be touched up.

How Often Should You Get a Tattoo Touch-Up?

It’s not uncommon to see people with faded or smudged tattoos. Whether it’s because of the natural aging process or because they weren’t able to take care of their tattoo properly, touch-ups are a necessary part of tattoo maintenance.

But how often should you get a tattoo touch-up?

The answer depends on a few factors, including the type of tattoo, location, and your skin’s natural healing properties. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

1. Type of Tattoo

The type of tattoo you have will play a big role in how often you need to get it touched up. For example, if you have a solid black tattoo, it will require fewer touch-ups than a tattoo with many colors. This is because black ink is less likely to fade than other colors.

2. Location of Tattoo

The location of your tattoo is also going to be a factor. If your tattoo is in a place that gets a lot of sun exposure, it will fade faster and require more touch-ups. The same goes for tattoos in areas that experience a lot of friction (like your hands or feet).

3. Your Skin’s Natural Healing Properties

Your skin’s natural healing properties will also influence how often you need to get a tattoo touch-up. If your skin is dry, it will hold onto the ink better and require fewer touch-ups. If your skin is oily, it will require more touch-ups.

Most people need to get a tattoo touch-up every 1-3 years. If you take good care of your tattoo and keep it out of the sun, you can stretch out the time between touch-ups.

How Do You Know if Your Tattoo Needs Touching Up?

If you have a tattoo, you may eventually find yourself in a situation where you think it needs touching up. But how can you tell for sure? Here are a few things to look for:

1. The Tattoo Is Starting to Fade

This is usually the first sign that a tattoo needs touching up. If your tattoo is less vibrant than it used to be, it’s probably time for a touch-up.

2. The Tattoo Is Starting to Look Blurry

Another common sign that a tattoo needs touching up is if it starts to look blurry. This can happen if the tattoo was not done properly in the first place or if it has been exposed to too much sun or other elements over the years.

3. The Tattoo Is Starting to Peel

If you notice that your tattoo is starting to peel, it’s time for a touch-up. Peeling usually indicates that the tattoo was not done properly in the first place or that it has not been cared for properly over the years.

4. You Just Don’t Like the Way It Looks Anymore

This is a perfectly valid reason to get a touch-up! If you’re unhappy with how your tattoo looks, there’s no shame in getting it fixed.


If you notice any of these changes, it’s time for a tattoo touch-up. The good news is, touch-ups are usually much less expensive and less painful than getting the tattoo done in the first place. So if you’re not happy with how your tattoo looks, feel free to get it touched up!

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